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[] WEEKELY Art News Artcaster Luha Lee _4th Week of August 2022

A group #exhibition is currently on view at Gallery Choi until August 25. The exhibition introduces over
50 works by 22 emerging young artists under the theme of “Youth”
All emerging artists between the ages of 20 and 30 were chosen by Gallery Choi through social
media. Twenty-two #artists were chosen from among many to represent the meaning of 2022.
The Seoul #Museum of History Jointly presents the exhibition with the #Hungarian Museum of Ethnography.
The exhibition “Story of My Day” shows photos taken from Hungary. Through photographs, visitors can glance into Hungarian children's daily lives in 1936 and 2021.
One of the most renowned artists in South Korea is the artist Lee Jung-seop.
His distinctive painting and drawing techniques were admired by many collectors. The National
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art exhibit 90 of his work including “Chicken and Chicks” and
“Children Playing in the Water. The works are open for the first time for the public. Among 90 artworks
on display, 80 works are from the donated collection of the late Lee Kun-hee, chairman of the
#Samsung and 10 works are owned by Museum.
Now it’s time for international news. Here we go
One of the largest marketplaces for art, Sotheby will host a live auction in Singapore for the first time
in 15 years. For the first auction, a lineup will be heavily weighted toward Southeast Asia to
Singapore. Through this live auction, Sotheby’s hopes to stagger the growth of local collectors and
diversify the market. Furthermore, the auction will broaden its activities beyond Hong Kong and
mainland China as well.

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