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Fright Nights Kentucky to Unleash Extreme Haunted Attractions at Brand New Location

Experience extreme full-contact indoor and outdoor haunted attractions at Fright Nights’ new address starting on Sept. 23, 2022

Fright Nights Kentucky to Unleash Extreme Haunted Attractions at Brand New Location
Fright Nights Kentucky double-mouth creature

LEXINGTON, Ky. – August 29, 2022 – (

Fright Nights Kentucky, the only indoor haunted house and attraction in Lexington, Kentucky, today announced that it will be unveiling its upgraded 2022 indoor and outdoor haunted attractions at a brand new address located at 1209 E New Circle Road, Suite 190, Lexington, KY 40505.

Since 2011, Fright Nights has provided haunt and horror enthusiasts across Kentucky with an extreme haunted house experience that is immersive, shocking, and distinctly original year in and year out. And starting on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, Fright Nights is ready to push the limits of fear even further by embracing the creative possibilities provided by their new location.

“Every year of Fright Nights offers a fresh opportunity to raise the stakes and unleash new strategies to scare visitors in unpredictable ways,” said Greg Walker, Owner of Fright Nights Kentucky. “We pride ourselves on quickly adapting to emerging trends in the haunt and horror industries so that our attractions remain intense and surprising to new visitors and every-year attendees alike. And since our spacious new location supports both indoor and outdoor haunted attractions and countless possibilities for creative scene constructions, we’re excited to provide the most dynamic, disorienting, and horrifying haunted house experience humanly possible during this 2022 season and beyond. We’re fully prepared to give our attendees the adrenaline rushes they came for.”

The indoor attraction, “Chambers,” features an array of disorienting chambers, twisted corridors, survival challenges, and downright gruesome creatures, while the outdoor attraction, “13 Doors,” transports visitors through frantically shifting horror scenes filled with different phobias, demented creatures, and surprising special effects. Both attractions will be open rain or shine.

Tickets will be sold as cash-only from the ticket booth on location, where an ATM is available. Ticket prices are $29 for a single attraction and $39 for a double attraction—with tax already included in both totals. And those wanting to avoid standing in line can purchase a Speed Pass for an additional $10 (tax included).

From opening night on Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, Fright Nights Kentucky will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. and Sundays from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. Monday, October 31 is the final night of Fright Nights 2022 with operating hours from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. The ticket booth will open at 7:30 p.m. on all event nights, and as long as attendees are in the ticket line before closing time, they will be guaranteed admission into the attraction(s). 

For more information about Fright Nights Kentucky, visit the new Fright Nights website.


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Fright Nights Kentucky to Unleash Extreme Haunted Attractions at Brand New Location

Author Karl A. Peterson Announces Release of New Book, ‘Journey to the Prize’

The New Jersey native’s tale of espionage, adventure, and horse racing takes place in 1933’s Nazi Germany.

WANAMASSA, N.J. – August 29, 2022 – (

Karl A. Peterson, co-author of “Lancaster, California Through Time” and long-time New Jersey resident, has announced the release of his first book, “Journey to the Prize.” Based in Nazi Germany in 1933, the story follows the journey of Manny Guzman and his best friend Alex, two young men who embark on a daring mission to help Alex’s cousin, Alois.

Amid Nazi reign, Alois is forced to work on a sinister project with potentially disastrous consequences if completed. In desperate need of assistance, Alois reaches out to his cousin in Paraguay with a plot to smuggle the project plans out of Germany.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Manny and Alex leave their home country and embrace espionage, adventure, and even horse racing in their effort to rescue Alois and foil the completion of the Nazi’s disturbing project.

“This time period has been covered extensively, both in works of fiction and nonfiction. In writing ‘Journey to the Prize,’ I focused on telling a tale that is equal parts unique and captivating,” said Peterson. 

“Manny, Alex, and Alois are three characters that are focused on doing good during a time at which evil was rampant. I enjoyed crafting their story and hope readers will find it as thrilling as I intended it to be.”

To read the newly released book and discover the fate of the three young men, please visit Amazon to purchase “Journey to the Prize” today. 

About Karl A. Peterson

Author Karl A. Peterson, who grew up in Monmouth County, NJ, enjoys stamp collecting, hiking, traveling nationally and internationally, and reading.

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Gerald Pizzo

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 732 759 8591

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Author Karl A. Peterson Announces Release of New Book, ‘Journey to the Prize’

Rythmia Life Advancement Center Praises Pro Athletes’ Statements on the Benefits of Psychedelics

Rythmia Life Advancement Center Praises Pro Athletes’ Statements on the Benefits of PsychedelicsRythmia Life Advancement Center Praises Pro Athletes’ Statements on the Benefits of PsychedelicsGreen Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and other professional athletes share thoughts on reducing stigma and encourage others to pursue healing with plant-based medicine.

LOS ANGELES – August 29, 2022 – (

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and several other prominent professional athletes are speaking publicly about the benefits of psychedelics for mental health and sports performance. Experts at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a medically licensed resort in Costa Rica that conducts ceremonies with ayahuasca, say the athletes’ openness is reducing a long-held stigma and paving the way for more people to improve their health through plant medicines.

Ayahuasca is an increasingly popular plant medicine known for its psychedelic effects that can help users experience transformational journeys of self-discovery and reflection. Plant medicines have become more accepted and widely used in the wake of clinical studies that show ayahuasca, psilocybin and iboga have huge promise in treating conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), opiate addiction, nicotine addiction, alcoholism, anxiety and depression.

In interviews published in early August, Rodgers said he consumed ayahuasca in ceremonies in 2020 and 2022. Rodgers went on to win the National Football League’s Most Valuable Player award in 2020 and 2021.       

“When Aaron Rodgers spoke out, I thought it was incredible because I’m an advocate for people in the public eye sharing their psychedelic experiences, especially those who don’t fall into the standard box of a ‘psychedelic user’ as it helps alleviate a lot of the stigmas,” said Isaac Mackie, Director of New Business Development & Operations at Rythmia. “I also think there’s a potentially fascinating correlation that he used ayahuasca before winning the league’s most valuable player recognition in 2020 and 2021.” 

Rodgers is one of several athletes who say they have benefitted from psychedelics. Daniel Carcillo, a former National Hockey League player, suffered at least seven concussions throughout his career, leaving him with mental illness, headaches, impaired memory, slurred speech, and insomnia- symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. After using ayahuasca, his depression and anxiety vanished, as did the other symptoms, he said in 2020.

Former UFC fighter Dean Lister said he was struggling with the use of alcohol and prescription medicine until he decided to try psilocybin, which has helped him stop using the substances. NFL player Kenny Stills said using ketamine, a legal anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects, helped treat his depression. And like Rodgers, former NFL player Kerry Rhodes said an ayahuasca ceremony changed him and, like Carcillo, relieved his CTE-related symptoms and improved his quality of life.

According to Kelly Slater, an American professional surfer, 11-time World Surf League Champion, and member of Rythmia’s board of directors, “This work has truly changed my life, and the lives of people around me, for the better. Many thanks to Gerry and the Rythmia team.”

As more people share their experiences with ayahuasca and other plant medicines, organizations like Rythmia can reach more people whose lives could benefit from the ancient healing powers of plant medicine. Rythmia specializes in helping guests use plant medicines safely and effectively through various methods, like ayahuasca ceremonies.

“We’re seeing more and more people are beginning to accept plant medicine and ayahuasca as valuable tools in their healing journey,” adds Mackie.

Retreats, like Rythmia Life Advancement Center, are a valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing the powers of plant medicine. To learn more, visit

About Rythmia Life Advancement Center

Rythmia Life Advancement Center is focused on incorporating plant medicine into metaphysical teachings. The results of its program are spectacular, with over 95% of its 12,000+ clients reporting a life-changing miracle during their stay. Furthermore, the company is a model of diversity. Eighty-two percent of Rythmia’s staff are members of a minority community and/or identify as LGBTQ+. And the company prides itself on its management team, 70% of whom are members of a minority community and/or identify as LGBTQ+. For further information and/or reservations, call (888) 443-5566 or visit

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Maria Penaloza
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Rythmia Life Advancement Center Praises Pro Athletes’ Statements on the Benefits of Psychedelics