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HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Earns Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ Badge

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Earns Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ BadgeDuring the 45-day crowdfunding campaign, HTVRONT sold over 5,000 Auto Heat Press worldwide, raising around $1.1 million

HTVRONT, an experienced and innovative brand, completed its first crowdfunding campaign with the most advanced household Heat Press Machine on Kickstarter, the world’s biggest online funding platform, in August 2022, and earned the “‘Project We Love'” badge due to the incredible raising speed and amount of funding.

This event was from July 6, 2022, to Aug. 20, 2022, a sum of 45 days. Thanks to its previous successful advertisement and propaganda online, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press achieved full funding within only ten minutes and reached more than 700% of funds in two days, hitting the top several in Kickstarter rank.

This advanced gadget features an intelligent lifting structure, which can exert a proper force automatically on a variety of materials with thicknesses up to 2.5mm, and seven fast ironing modes magnifying productivity, introducing a new era of household crafting machines. Additionally, its 2x faster heating speed than other counterparts makes HTVRONT Auto Heat Press a must-have for many small businesses.

Following the huge success on Kickstarter, the HTVRONT Auto Heat Press has now entered the vision of more craft enthusiasts. In this campaign, HTVRONT secured around 5,000 supporters for itself and earned 85% praise from the users, who think that the heat press machine is easy to assemble and use with really fast and even heat distribution.

One of the 5-star users on Amazon commented: “Purchased this for my wife and daughter to use with their crafts. Easy to set up as there wasn’t anything I needed to do but remove the unit from the well-packaged box. Heats up fast and gives great results without having to manually open and close the lid. The sliding tray is a huge help in loading and unloading projects. The controls are fairly straightforward as well. I would recommend this unit to other beginners as it takes a lot of the guesswork out.” 

Most customers would like to praise the smart, easy device for its drawer design. One wrote: “With the drawer, it’s also safe to use and practically eliminates the chance of accidental burns,” implicating the high security that HTVRONT had taken into account.

As the New Year comes by, the second HTVRONT Fans Carnival, its biggest anniversary sale online, will soon start from April 6 to 12, 2023. In addition, HTVRONT is about to meet its supporters offline in Charlotte, US, on April 27, 2023. This local event will be a chance to demonstrate the whole new heat press machine for cups and mugs and make a debut.

Details on pricing and more information about HTVRONT Auto Heat Press are available at

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HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Earns Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ Badge

Crocs, Inc. Reports Record Annual Revenues of $3.6 Billion, Growing 54% Over 2021

Full Year Operating Income of $851M and Adjusted Operating Income of $986M Full Year Diluted EPS of $8.71 and Adjusted EPS of $10.92 BROOMFIELD, Colo., Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) a world leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, today announced its fourth quarter and full year 2022 financial […]

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Couple Married Almost 40 Years, Who Haven’t Argued in 35 Years, Release TED Talk About How to Never Argue Again

Couple Married Almost 40 Years, Who Haven’t Argued in 35 Years, Release TED Talk About How to Never Argue AgainIn a time where couples struggle with marriage and argue in record numbers, there is a way to help them to stop arguing and get to loving. Dr. Willie Jolley and his wife, Dee, share secrets that they used to help couples all over the world to improve their marriages. The Jolleys initially shared their marriage secrets in their book called Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last! and now share their powerful system in a new TED Talk entitled, “How to Never Argue in Marriage Again.”

Couple Married Almost 40 Years, Who Haven’t Argued in 35 Years, Release TED Talk About How to Never Argue Again
Dr. Willie and Dee Jolley

The Jolleys’ headshot

Dr. Willie Jolley is a well-known motivational/inspirational speaker, best-selling author and syndicated radio host. Dee Taylor-Jolley is a former communications coach. They have been married for almost 40 years and have not had an argument in 35 years. Their new TED Talk is being heralded as a “must-see” message for all married couples and singles who aspire to get married.

After a huge argument about Chinese food 35 years ago, the Jolleys realized that something had to change if their marriage was going to survive. 

They developed some rules of engagement on how to disagree without being disagreeable, and it transformed their marriage. They created the “4F Formula,” the dynamic keys to having critical conversations in marriage. This process allows couples to work through problems without threats, yelling or arguing. It has helped thousands of couples around the world stop arguing.

Watch their Ted Talk video, “How to Never Argue in Marriage Again.”

Marriage can be a challenge. Statistics show 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The remainder of those couples are often miserable. 

The Jolleys have helped couples around the world address those questions and improve their marriages. Their popular weekly online television program, “The Jolley Marriage Show,” shares tips on how to develop loving relationships. Their advice also helps couples overcome challenges that develop from three main issues that break up relationships: sex, money, and communication.

The dynamic couple has shared tips from their Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last! book on The Today Show,  Sirius XM, and many national broadcasts and popular publications. The book shares 10 secrets to a successful marriage that the authors claim actually work.

The Jolleys’ book will help you, whether you are currently married or looking to get married. It can be found on and on all major retail websites, including Amazon. A free chapter of the book is available for download on The Jolleys’ website.

The video can also be seen on their corporate website,

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Couple Married Almost 40 Years, Who Haven’t Argued in 35 Years, Release TED Talk About How to Never Argue Again

Rangam Sponsors John’s Crazy Socks Autism Can Do Scholarship for 2023

SOMERSET, N.J., Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rangam is one of the sponsors of the 2023 John’s Crazy Socks Autism Can Do Scholarship, which recognizes and rewards autistic individuals for their creativity in designing. John’s Crazy Socks, a New York-based father-son venture with a mission of Spreading Happiness™, recently announced the launch of its 5th […]

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The Art of Pickleball Launches New Platform

The Art of Pickleball Launches New PlatformThe state-of-the-art pickleball video and coaching platform was created to be the most extensive online resource for America’s fastest-growing sport.

The Art of Pickleball Launches New Platform
The Art of Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball logo

Total Sports, LLC, recently announced the launch of The Art of Pickleball (AOP), designed to be the most expansive resource for pickleball players and instructors in the world. 

Created in partnership with top professional players and coaches, The Art of Pickleball provides comprehensive online instruction and virtual coaching for every aspect of the game.

Subscribers can access instructional videos for all levels of play to work on specific shots and skills, learn in-game strategies, develop tactics and view drills from top pros. The platform features extensive information on injury prevention, dynamic warmups and strength and conditioning – all specific to pickleball. 

AOP also offers a complete library of practice plans and match analysis as well as a roster of coaches available for remote, virtual training that can be purchased in one-hour sessions.

The site features both free content and monthly or annual “Pro” memberships that provide access to all resources on the platform. Pro memberships are available for $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually for a limited time.   

Total Sports partnered with top-ranked pros Steve, Jennifer and Callan Dawson to build The Art of Pickleball. The site features experienced pros and coaches from around the country who have won more than 80 Open, National and International championships, multiple Triple Crown Titles and over 10 Tournament of Champions trophies. The coaching team features multiple PPA and APP Tour players who are also IPTPA, PPR and IFP-certified instructors.

AOP’s vast roster of coaches allows for instruction from a wide variety of teaching viewpoints and playing philosophies.

“Pickleball is such a diverse sport in terms of age, skill level and style,” says renowned coach Steve Dawson. “We set out to create something that wasn’t previously available: a resource where people can learn from all types of instructors and experienced professionals. There isn’t just one way to learn how to play or teach pickleball.”

Mark Tilson, President of Total Sports, says The Art of Pickleball will continue to expand. “We are already working with more coaches around the country that will soon be featured on the site,” he says. “New content and resources will continuously be added, and we’ll always be looking for innovative ways to connect our audience with the top names in the game.”

About Total Sports

Founded in 2011, Total Sports, LLC owns and operates The Art of Coaching properties, including The Art of Pickleball, The Art of Coaching Volleyball, The Art of Coaching Softball and The Art of Coaching Football. The Art of Coaching is the leading provider of online coaching and training resources, with in-person and virtual coaching clinics and workshops in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. The company is the global leader in digital coaching content, supporting nearly 100,000 subscribers worldwide.

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The Art of Pickleball Launches New Platform

INDOCHINO Announces 2022 as the Brand’s Most Successful Year to Date

The made to measure brand reached a number of key milestones in 2022, while growing revenues and maintaining positive EBITDA VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, INDOCHINO, the global leader in custom suiting, announced a record breaking year of growth and key milestones for the business. The brand continued its focus on profitability, achieving […]

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