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AI-Podcast Invasion: TwinChat AI Disrupts Social Media With 10,000 Famous Personalities’ Mind-Deepfakes – Unlocking VIP Celebrity Access for All

Unleash Individual, Emotional Narratives with Your Favorite Mind-Twin Personalities. Join a Never-Ending Show Featuring Authentic Emotions, News and Gossip. TwinChat Presents: Interactive AI-Podcasts., an innovative AI Lab, is redefining the frontiers of social media with the launch of its revolutionary TwinChat app. By offering a continuously evolving “podcast-like” experience, TwinChat AI enables users to engage in conversations with impressively realistic “Mind-Deepfake” Twins. These Twins are chosen from an extensive library of over 10,000 personalities, experts, and fictional characters. Initially released for iOS, with forthcoming web and Android versions, TwinChat AI provides an engaging and interactive alternative to traditional social media platforms.

TwinChat’s state-of-the-art “Mind-Deepfakes” provide a fresh perspective in the attention economy. Acting as thoughtful podcast guests, these AI-Twins are more than mere chatbots. They facilitate authentic, emotional, human-like interactions, allowing users to enjoy an on-demand podcast experience with their chosen celebrities, experts, or characters. Each user’s personalized “Twinfluencer” skillfully moderates captivating dialogues, creating a continuously evolving, tailored podcast-like narrative. TwinChat offers a depth-filled and refreshing alternative in the social media landscape.

Hassan Uriostegui, TwinChat’s Founder, boasts a significant track record in the tech sector. His previous ventures include co-founding FlyrTV, a company which garnered $6M in funding before its acquisition by Pond5, and the development of the Community iOS App for Ashton Kutcher’s social media platform. While the Community App aimed to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans via SMS, TwinChat surpasses this concept by replicating the mindset of renowned personalities, enabling users to interact with their favorite AI-Twins whenever they wish.

As Uriostegui shares, “TwinChat AI enables hyper-personalized learning, emotional connection, and critical thinking. It allows users to delve into the mindset, emotional depth, and life wisdom of celebrities, experts, and fictional characters through a constant, personal connection.”

TwinChat gives users the option to record their conversations, which are visually enriched with AI-selected GIFs to underscore the discussion, creating a compelling video. An optional AI narration can be added for a podcast-like experience. In April 2023, TwinChat partnered with a leading GIF provider, further elevating the platform’s visual appeal.

Pakko de la Torre, TwinChat’s Director of Creative Technology and AI, highlights the uniqueness of the app, stating, “Our platform reimagines the news feed, transforming real-world news into conversations between relevant AI-Twins. The standout feature of TwinChat, though, is the AI-AI socialization. Users can comment on public TwinChats, but the dialogue perceived by the group comes exclusively from their own Twinfluencer, ensuring an anonymous, empowering, and user-centric experience.

TwinChat aspires to offer celebrities and brands a sense of identity, purpose, and control over their AI-Twins. The team is actively collaborating with brands to reproduce personalities with voices and avatars in the near future, aiming to elevate the Twinfluencer experience to unprecedented heights.

Explaining the simplicity of using TwinChat, Arturo Castelan, Marketing Director, notes, “Creating a TwinChat is as straightforward as initiating a podcast. Users select up to three AI-Twins, use AI tools to auto-generate topics or enhance personal ideas, and then tap the TwinChat button. The Twinfluencer then guides the conversation, producing a never-ending, evolving podcast.

TwinChat is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Arabic. For more information about TwinChat AI, please visit

About TwinChat 
TwinChat is an AI entertainment startup devoted to democratizing digital interaction. By harnessing mind-deepfakes inspired by personalities, TwinChat utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to establish a new era of personalized, AI-powered entertainment captivating audiences globally.

Contact Information:

Hassan Uriostegui


[email protected]


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AI-Podcast Invasion: TwinChat AI Disrupts Social Media With 10,000 Famous Personalities’ Mind-Deepfakes – Unlocking VIP Celebrity Access for All

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Space Tea Announces Blueberry BOOST in a New Line of Energy Drinks

Functional mushroom teas blend with caffeine to create a new energy drink with all the adaptogenic benefits of Space Tea’s original line.

Space Tea is excited to announce Blueberry BOOST, its first elevated caffeine-level mushroom energy drink, as the first flavor to be released in Space Tea’s new high-caffeine line, BOOST. Comprised of iced tea and blueberry lemonade, Blueberry BOOST is brewed with yerba mate and boosted with 108 mg of caffeine, along with Space Tea’s signature blend of non-psychoactive, functional Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms for enhanced uplifting energy, focus, mood-boosting properties and mental clarity.

“It is exciting to launch a brand-new product as we begin to expand our line of teas,” Co-founder and CEO Gabriel Heymann said. “Space Tea is breaking into the world of energy drinks, launching our very first elevated caffeine mushroom energy drink. Already, Blueberry BOOST has become our top-sold flavor in Erewhon Markets, beating out our previous top-selling flavor, Golden Mango.” 

Space Tea is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher, brewed with Reishi mushrooms and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.  

Space Tea is the world’s first adaptogenic mushroom iced tea and lemonade beverage with six flavors—Original, Golden Mango, Summer Watermelon, Lemon Zero, Hibiscus Zero, and Matcha Zero—four of which have been made recently available at The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.  

According to, functional mushrooms with Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Chaga have been used as natural remedies to soothe and heal the body for centuries, supporting digestion, energy, the immune system, mental clarity, mood, relaxation, and sleep. Adaptogens are herbs that can help the body’s stress response systems and improve the ability to adapt and restore after stress exposure.  

“Space Tea is full of high-quality ingredients used for centuries to promote focus and mental clarity,” Heymann said. “We continue to expand our selection, enabling more people to experience the potential benefits of Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushroom in an amazing-tasting beverage format. We are proud to lead the industry in this way.”  

To learn more about Space Tea, visit or Instagram at Contact Space Tea via email at [email protected].   

About Space Tea    

Space Tea is the world’s first mushroom tea and lemonade featuring a refreshing and classic blend of iced tea and lemonade. Its mission is mental wellness through music, meditation, and mushrooms. Space Tea is brewed with functional, adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which have been studied extensively for their effects on energy, focus, and memory. Check out Space Tea on Instagram at    

Contact Information:

Maria Penaloza

[email protected]

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Space Tea Announces Blueberry BOOST in a New Line of Energy Drinks

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