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515 Fosun Family Day Sales Growth Beats Expectations, Gaining Popularity and Boosting ConsumptionUSA – EnglishAPAC – English

HONG KONG, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai’s two-month 4th Double Five Shopping Festival is drawing to an end, various themed activities continue to gain momentum. In addition to the Double Five Shopping Festival, the recent Dragon Boat Festival further unleashed consumption vitality. From 21 to 23 June, the offline consumer sales in Shanghai amounted […]

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APAC – English first appeared on The Offspring Session. to Host Exclusive Livestreams of Last Three Dead & Company Concerts on ‘The Final Tour’

July 14-16 in San Francisco, these milestone performances will conclude Dead & Company’s “The Final Tour,” and will be available to stream live exclusively via, complete with band member interviews. to Host Exclusive Livestreams of Last Three Dead & Company Concerts on ‘The Final Tour’
Dead & Co., Wrigley Field, June 2023

Dead & Co. at Wrigley Field on \”The Final Tour\”, the leading platform for live concert streaming, will offer exclusive livestreams of the three tour-closing Dead & Company concerts  on “The Final Tour.” The epic sold-out 29-show run closes out July 14-16 at Oracle Park in San Francisco.  

Since 2016, has streamed Dead & Company’s performances in both HD and 4K, providing fans around the world with the incomparable experience of virtually sitting front row for one of the most successful touring bands of the decade. Each show is professionally shot using multi-camera video, with audio mixed exclusively for broadcast, bringing the live Dead & Company’s energy to fans via an elevated at-home experience.

“It’s been a wild ride since the first tour we did with Dead & Company in 2016, and we’re honored and privileged to bring you every night of this final tour live in 4K and HD exclusively on before they hang it up and see what tomorrow brings,” said Brad Serling, founder and CEO of

Pay-Per-Views (PPV) of individual shows on the final run are available; there is also a discounted three-night package available for fans who want to catch the entire San Francisco experience. 4K upgrades and audio bundles are also available. subscribers can watch with a savings of 15% off for single-night shows, and new users to can subscribe and save 50% on any single night PPV. All ticket and bundle information can be found on  

The final three shows will feature set break interviews with Dead & Company band members. Every livestream is hosted by Gary Lambert and David Gans – the dynamic duo behind SiriusXM’s Tales From the Golden Road. “Dead Air with Lambert & Gans” will feature these two incomparable Deadheads and special guest interviewees in live conversation each night during the set break.  

Also unique to the experience is access to a comprehensive Dead & Company streaming catalog, which features official and professionally mixed soundboard audio from every Dead & Company show since 2016. Official audio from the 2023 tour is exclusively available on More than 90 full-length Dead & Company shows are at fans’ fingertips to watch on-demand. also offers a vast catalog of Grateful Dead-family bands, including the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros., Billy & The Kids, and more.

About Dead & Company

Dead & Company was formed in 2015 and quickly became one of the most successful touring bands year over year. Since its formation, the band has completed seven tours and became a record-breaking stadium act when it set Wrigley Field’s all-time concert attendance for a single concert, which still holds to this day. Having toured consistently since its 2015 debut, the band has held 164 concerts, performed 143 unique songs and has played to nearly four million fans.

Dead & Company has headlined iconic stadiums across the country including Fenway Park, Citi Field, Gillette Stadium, Folsom Field, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, and Autzen Stadium, as well as multiple night-stands at Madison Square Garden, the Forum, Hollywood Bowl, and  Shoreline Amphitheatre. Between tours, Dead & Company hosts its annual “Playing in the  Sand,” an all-inclusive concert vacation that features multiple nights of Dead & Company on an intimate beach in Mexico. 

Across all tours at the band’s legendary Participation Row, the Dead & Company community has taken more than 100,000 actions in support of various local nonprofits and national social impact organizations and causes including voter registration with HeadCount and environmental actions with REVERB. Since 2015, efforts on tour have eliminated the use of 100,000 single-use plastic water bottles at shows and raised funds to support climate justice and carbon-reduction projects, which prevented 33,700 tons of CO2e from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of 83.5 million miles driven by gas-powered cars. Throughout the seven tours, the total raised directly from the band as well as fan auctions and other efforts is now over $3 million, providing direct support to HeadCount, REVERB and the Dead Family nonprofit organizations, as well as the nonprofit ocean conservation organization Oceana and MusiCares, among others. 


Founded in 1997 as a fan site for downloading live music, has evolved into the leading live music platform for the largest touring artists in the world. Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Phish, Jack White, Dead & Company and many others distribute official recordings of every concert they play through The streaming service is the only one of its kind dedicated to live music. A free seven-day trial is available. nugs also offers livestreams, downloads,  CDs, and more, to deliver exclusive live content to millions of fans daily. The streaming catalog is available on iOS, Android, AppleTV, CarPlay, Sonos, BluOS, and browser players. 

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Alex Bursac

Head of PR

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Travel App Visited Publishes Top Summer Destinations in Europe for 2023

Travel App Visited Compiles Over 1.75 Million Users’ Data to Rank Top Places that Americans travel in Summer Time.

The travel app Visited by Arriving In High Heels Corporation has published a list of the top 10 summer vacation destinations in Europe. Visited, available on iOS or Android, allows users to plan dream getaways, mark off where they’ve traveled, discover unique destinations, and get personalized travel maps and stats. 

“Summer 2023 is projected to return to levels that were seen prior to the pandemic. Visited user’s data indicates an increase in interest in European vacations. Europe has something for everyone from chic beaches such as French Riviera, sailing across islands in Croatia or Greece to visiting museums in Paris, Amsterdam or London to those looking for adventure in colder destinations such as hiking among Fjords in Norway or in the Swiss Alps. Even famiy travel can be fun when visiting Euro Disneyland near Paris or Legoland in Denmark.” Said Anna Kayfitz, found of Visited App. 

Here are the top 10 European summer vacation destinations:

  1. France is the top summer vacation destination in Europe. France features iconic art and architecture in Paris and stunning beaches along the South Coast in cities like Nice and Saint-Tropez.
  2. Spain has a vibrant culture and many popular beaches. Playa de Silencio along the northern coast has incredible cliffside views and cooler temperatures than many of the other beaches.
  3. Italy is the third most popular European destination. The white sandy beaches of Sicily offer warm weather and lots of activity in the summer.
  4. Germany attracts tourists and locals to the lively nightlife in Berlin in the summertime.
  5. The UK is booming in London during the summer. With warm temperatures, endless bars and restaurants, and tourist attractions like Westminster and the Tower of London, there’s something for everyone.
  6. The Netherlands is the sixth most popular European summer destination, with visitors flocking to Amsterdam’s art museums, Red Light District, and canals.
  7. Greece has a unique blend of ancient ruins in Athens, pristine beaches, and vibrant nightlife in beach towns like Santorini and Mykonos.
  8. Austria comes to life in the summer, offering warmer temperatures and castles to explore, including Festung Hohensalzburg, Burg Hohenwerfen, and Castle Liechtenstein.
  9. Belgium features delectable chocolate and beer in Brussels and the medieval city of Bruges.
  10. Switzerland draws outdoor enthusiasts to the scenic Alpine Mountains and lakes in the summer.

To browse more top travel lists, see the most popular destinations, and create a personalized travel map, users can download Visited on iOS or Android

Get the full Visited 2022 travel report for more travel stats with the most visited destinations based on U.S. and international travelers. To learn more about the Visited Map App, visit

About Arriving In High Heels Corporation

Arriving In High Heels Corporation is a mobile app company with apps including Pay Off Debt, X-Walk, and Visited, their most popular app.

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Anna Kayfitz


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Travel App Visited Publishes Top Summer Destinations in Europe for 2023

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B&W Quality Growers Shares the Nutritional Benefits of Watercress

World’s Most Nutrient-Dense Food

B&W Quality Growers Shares the Nutritional Benefits of Watercress
Key Nutrients of Watercress

Watercress Nutrients

Watercress continues to top the charts, packed with over 50 essential nutrients and recognized as the only food to receive a perfect score from ANDI and the CDC. This healthy, flavorful leafy green delivers a potent portion of health benefits. Watercress is a superfood with a distinctive taste that stands out from the muted flavors of other leafy greens. With so many nutrients being recognized in this one leafy green, we want to focus our attention on some of the critical nutrients.

Vitamin A supports the immune system, eye health reproduction, and growth and development. Vitamin A helps your heart, lungs, and other organs work properly. In addition, studies show that people whose diet is high in Vitamin A or beta-carotene can have a lower risk of certain kinds of cancer.

Vitamin C shields the body against free radicals and supports the normal function of blood vessels. Vitamin C has also been shown to aid in the healing of wounds and assist in iron absorption and neurological function. 

B Vitamins are a family of vitamins that uniquely keep our bodies healthy and energized. B Vitamins help convert energy from carbohydrates to fuel, assist fat cells in breaking down amino acids, and aid in transporting oxygen and energy-containing nutrients around the body.

Vitamin K supports blood clotting and is necessary for calcium absorption to strengthen bones. Vitamin K is also shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and could be a key component in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin E is a nutrient critical to vision, reproduction, and your blood, brain, and skin health. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants may protect your cells from free radicals and can play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Zinc is an essential micronutrient for total health and a robust immune system, and it supports keeping infections at bay. Research shows that zinc aids every step of the immune process, from the growth and development of immune cells to their fight against upsetting agents, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Watercress’s highly absorbable iron is one of the best ways to incorporate iron and help your body carry oxygen to cells, playing a significant part in the immune system process. The iron in Watercrcress helps maintain your energy levels, impacting how your body feels. In addition, iron builds up your immune cells, allowing them to reach full maturity and optimally perform.

Magnesium is crucial in muscle function, your nervous system, and energy production. Magnesium is also a critical stabilizing nutrient for blood sugar and blood pressure and helps your body rest and recover.

Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones and muscles. Additionally, calcium supports your heart and nervous system.

Potassium helps maintain normal fluid levels inside our cells. Potassium also helps muscles to contract and supports normal blood pressure.

PEITC (Phenethyl isothiocyanate) is a naturally occurring isothiocyanate whose precursor, is gluconasturtiin. PEITC has been shown to have chemo-preventive effects in cell and animal studies of cancer.

Protein is a critical part of the processes to fuel your energy and carry oxygen throughout your body in your blood. In addition, protein helps make antibodies that fight off infections and illnesses, keep cells healthy, and creates new ones.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Break down food, grow and repair tissue, make hormone and brain chemicals, create an energy source, maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails, build muscle, boost your immune system, and sustain a regular digestive system.

For more on the most nutrient-dense food, visit B&W Quality Growers. B&W Quality Growers has been farming responsibly since 1870. We’re among the largest growers of distinctive leafy greens, including watercress, arugula, spinach, and ong choy. We sustainably grow, pack, and ship the highest quality distinctive leafy greens, providing well-being for our consumers and value for our customers. We’ve done this with zero product recalls and aim to provide a healthier, more flavorful world using premium leaves in everyday recipes. Follow B&W on our social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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Ruth Bozeman

Director of Marketing

[email protected]

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B&W Quality Growers Shares the Nutritional Benefits of Watercress

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Kazuno City in Japan’s Akita Prefecture Opens SNS Accounts for Foreign Travelers

Kazuno City in Japan’s Akita Prefecture Opens SNS Accounts for Foreign Travelers

KAZUNO, Japan, June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — – Video Featuring Kazuno’s Charms Introduces Mysterious, Spectacular Spots – Kazuno City in the northeastern Japan prefecture of Akita opened social networking service (SNS) accounts for foreign visitors to Japan on June 29, 2023. The city government has produced a promotional video using the “Tabisuru Kazuno” (Traveling Kazuno) website […]

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Cheech and Chong Light Up ‘Cannabis-Free’ States With Hemp Derived THC

The iconic duo are going all-in on their Cruise Chews hemp THC gummies and the response is sweet.

Cheech and Chong Light Up ‘Cannabis-Free’ States With Hemp Derived THC
Cheech and Chong’s Cruise Chews

Cheech and Chong’s Cruise Chews in the iconic \”Love Machine\”

Legendary cannabis icons Cheech and Chong are proudly embracing hemp-derived Delta-9 THC with the launch of their new hemp gummy, Cruise Chews. Their mission: to make the incredible benefits of the plant accessible to as many people as possible, promoting safe and responsible consumption.

“The Farm Bill did us a real favor, man,” said Tommy Chong. “With regulated cannabis popping up state by state, we’re able to reach some people. But with federally legal Delta-9 THC from Hemp, we can get Cruise Chews to EVERYONE who needs them across America. So we’re sharing the love, one chew at a time!”

Cheech and Chong’s Cruise Chews are revolutionizing the cannabis experience by offering micro-dosed chews that provide unparalleled access to the benefits of hemp. With 3mg of Delta-9 THC in every chew, Cruise Chews promise a fun, relaxing, mellow time. The addition of 33mg of CBD works to dampen the “darker side” of THC some people experience, such as “munchies” or anxious thoughts.

Cruise Chews’ precision dosing enables users to dip their toe into the cannabis world with confidence, providing a reliable and controlled experience. By offering a mild and mellow journey, Cruise Chews allow individuals to unlock the potential of CBD and THC without overwhelming effects, ensuring a smooth ride for both the body and mind.

“The benefits of cannabis or hemp should be accessible to everyone, and Cruise Chews is our way of breaking down barriers,” said Cheech Marin. “That precise dose of  3mg THC and 33mg CBD in each gummy, helps guarantee a fun, relaxing, mellow time. And you don’t end up emptying out your snack cupboard or spend the afternoon wondering why the dog is looking at you like that.”

Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Company’s commitment to quality is evident in Cruise Chews. These chews are formulated using 100% naturally occurring CBD and THC from hemp, completely free of synthetic chemicals. The Delta-9 THC, derived naturally from non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp plants, undergoes a gentle extraction process. Each batch of hemp is rigorously tested at harvest to guarantee its purity, ensuring the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. 

“The natural part is important to us,” adds Tommy Chong, “That’s why we won’t touch any of these ‘new’ cannabinoids, like Delta-8 or HHC or any of the others. Nothing against them, but those all have to be synthesized in a lab. They don’t grow in nature. We want our products to be as natural and beneficial as the hemp plant itself.”

Careful filtration ensures that the valuable terpenes and phytocannabinoids are preserved, resulting in a product of exceptional quality and taste.

What sets Cruise Chews apart, aside from their breakthrough formula, is their accessibility. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, Cruise Chews are legal to purchase online and can be shipped directly to customers in a discreet and legal manner through USPS. Experience the relaxing and mellow journey of Cruise Chews by visiting, where they are available for purchase now.

Contact Information:

Brooke Mangum

Chief Marketing Officer

[email protected]

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Cheech and Chong Light Up ‘Cannabis-Free’ States With Hemp Derived THC

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