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101 Year Old Practicing Neurologist Subject of Upcoming Documentary

101 Year Old Practicing Neurologist Subject of Upcoming Documentary

Dr. Howard Tucker lecturing on neurology while holding a model brain

WHAT’S NEXT? documentary profiles Dr. Howard Tucker – the world’s oldest practicing doctor and 101 year old TikTok star who treated patients during the pandemic

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2023/ — Dr. Howard Tucker is – according to Guinness World Records – the world’s oldest practicing physician. For over seven decades, he has cared for patients, saved lives, and taught the next generation of caregivers. He exercises his mind and his body daily. He recently threw out the first pitch for the Cleveland Guardians, and loves snow-shoeing. Earlier in July, he turned 101. He says he’s not ready to slow down.

He grew up during the Great Depression, served during WWII, and was the Chief of Neurology for the U.S. Atlantic Fleet in the Korean War. He has treated thousands of patients that have included celebs, rock stars, and even mobsters. He became a lawyer at the age of 67.

WHAT’S NEXT?, an upcoming feature documentary, underscores Dr. Tucker’s relevance – especially during the recent pandemic, where he served on the front lines. It also highlights his growth and struggles in a society that often undervalues and overlooks its seniors. He says: “Retirement is the enemy of longevity.”

The film is being produced by two young NY-based filmmakers and former NYU classmates. Taylor Taglianetti, the Founder and President of the National Organization of Italian Americans in Film & Television (NOIAFT), is the director and producer. “As soon as I heard that Howard was sneaking out of his house to serve on the frontlines during the pandemic, I knew his was a story that needed to be told.”

Austin Tucker, who works in Business Development at Paramount and is the grandson of Dr. Tucker, is also the producer and co-star. “This film has been a labor of love and nothing would make me happier than to be able to finish it soon, watch it with my grandfather, and see his reaction.”

To help raise finishing funds to complete post-production of WHAT’S NEXT?, Taylor and Austin have launched a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign at

Adds Taylor: “In recent years, society has championed stories of everyday medical heroes and first responders. Dr. Tucker himself is not only a recent such hero, but a firsthand witness to one of the most incredible evolutionary periods in the field of medicine. He’s one of the last living physicians in a dying generation of medical professionals that treated medicine as an art and were not limited by the bureaucratic red tape that plagues medicine today.”

Adds Austin: “We feel it is crucial to document and preserve not only Dr. Tucker’s personal story, but the changes he’s witnessed over seven decades in practice. And, we believe that by allowing the audience to get to know Dr. Tucker on a personal level, maybe they’ll discover their own takes as to his secrets to longevity and vitality for themselves, and those they love.”

The filmmakers have partnered with producer Stephanie Troise Walter who heads the Emmy-winning The Studio at Reel Works and editor Sabine Krayenbühl behind the Oscar-nominated My Architect and one of the top twenty highest grossing documentaries, Mad Hot Ballroom.

The filmmakers and Dr. Tucker are available for interviews. The Kickstarter campaign is live at

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