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Actor John F Cruz to appear in new China film Spring 2024

Actor John F Cruz to appear in new China film Spring 2024

American actor in China soon-to-be-released movie Chinese Giant Aircraft

Each film project brings new experiences”

— John F Cruz

QUANZHOU, FUJIAN, CHINA, January 9, 2024 / — Press Release

Popular American actor livinng in China, John F Cruz, known as 墨弘 (Mo Hong), has perform a special featured role in the upcoming film “China’s Big Plane.” Cruz is renowned for his portrayal of General Smith in the movie “Battle of Chosin Reservoir.” His iconic scene paying tribute to soldiers covered in ice and snow has made him a beloved foreign actor in China. His other popular works include “Diplomatic Storm,” “Chongqing Negotiations,” and “Ip Man 4.” to name a few.

John F Cruz has had the privilege to collaborate with the talented Chinese superstar Liu Ye, known for his role in “The Floating Day.” Directed by Xiao Fei, the film “China’s Big Plane” is set to release in Chinese theaters in spring 2024.

Cruz began his acting career in China in 2016, having previously filmed in Germany and the United States. He received training at two different American acting schools and was guided by a private acting coach. John F Cruz, born on February 1, 1969, has been residing in Quanzhou, known for its traditional Chinese architecture, since 2017. When not filming, Cruz enjoys exploring local Chinese traditional culture and artists. Interviews with traditional artists, Chinese lifestyle and ancient traditional Chinese architecture can be viewed on his Facebook page (link provided below). John ovie history is available on IMDB (link provided below).

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