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Ancient Pythian Games Make a Comeback in 2023 after 1630 years with Delhi as the Epicenter

Ancient Pythian Games Make a Comeback in 2023 after 1630 years with Delhi as the Epicenter

H.E. Ms. Becks Buckingham OBE, Minister Counsellor from the UK Embassy in New Delhi,H.E. Mr. Boudouris Alexandros, Minister Counsellor, Greece, Mr Bijender Goel, Founder, Modern Pythian Games

H.E.Wang Xinming, Minister Counsellor, China and B.H Anikumar, IAS, President, Pythian Games, India

H.E. Ms. Becks Buckingham OBE, Minister Counsellor from the UK Embassy in New Delhi, honoured Mr. A. K.Hek, Hon’ble Minister, Meghalaya

Bijender Goel, the founder, Modern Pythian Games invited all nations to witness the revival at a program hosted with British High Commission

CENTRAL DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, November 27, 2023 / — Modern Pythian Games presented a grand show on the “Chai and More with British High Commission” on November 23, 2023 at hotel Eros, New Delhi , just before the “1st Pythian games Festival 2023” to be held from 19th December to 21st December 2023 at Tyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi. The program was hosted by CD Foundation, Entrepreneurs Club and US.

The event aimed to inform and invite world leaders to witness the revival of ancient Pythian Games as the Modern Pythian Games. Under the thematic banner “CHAI and More,” the Pythian Games program focused on arts, culture, traditional games, and sports, while also shedding light on the diverse tea cultures across nations.

Her excellency Ms. Becks Buckingham OBE, Minister Counsellor from the UK Embassy in New Delhi, honoured Mr. Bijender Goel, founder, Modern Pythian Games and shared her 10 tips on tea cultures, offering a delightful exploration of the British tea tradition.

H.E. Mr. Boudouris Alexandros, Minister Counsellor, Greece, delved into the rich history of Pythian Games, emphasizing their role in Pan Hellenic games and their contribution to peace and harmony through truces in ancient Greece. He underscored the comprehensive nature of Pythian Games, incorporating music, poetry, and painting, in contrast to the exclusively sports-focused Olympics.

H.E. Mr. Wang Xinming, Minister Counsellor, China, and H.E. Hosaka Shun of Japan presented insights into their respective rich tea cultures, adding a global perspective to the event. The representatives from the USA, Indonesia, Turkey, Belgium, Malaysia, Mongolia, Brazil, and Chile shared their unique tea cultures, expressing appreciation for the vision of the Modern Pythian Games.

Mr. Bijender Goel, Founder of Modern Pythian Games, passionately introduced the Pythian games, emphasizing their pivotal role in unifying nations through arts and culture. He extended a warm invitation to all diplomats and delegates to experience and support the upcoming Pythian Games Festival in New Delhi.

Mr. B.H Anilkumar, IAS, President of the Pythian Council of India, addressed the gathering, providing insights into the upcoming programs and events of the Modern Pythian Games in India.

Historical Revival: First Pythian Games Festival 2023

The Pythian Games were a part of the Pan Hellenic Games in ancient Greece since 582 BC. These games encompassed a fusion of music, dance, poetry, athletics, wrestling, and chariot racing, setting them apart from the Olympics. Both the Pythian and Olympic Games were discontinued in 394 A.D. The concept of the Olympic Games was reintroduced in 1894, while the concept of the Modern Pythian Games was unveiled by Mr. Bijender Goel, an Indian, during the global conference of Delphi Economic Forum at Delphi, Greece, in April 2022.

More than just a revival, the 1st Pythian Games Festival 2023 promises to be a spectacular fusion of cultural diversity and sporting prowess. Over 10,000 artists and players from around the world will converge in New Delhi to participate in a myriad of events, including music, dance, painting, poetry, photography, comedy, martial arts (taekwondo, karate, Muaythai, Bagatur, Shastrang), traditional games (Mallkhambh, Indiaca, Fientball, Yoga sports, Musical Chair, Tug of War, Throwball), and the Pythian Pan Hellenic Marathon in 3000 meters.

A unique highlight of the festival is the introduction of a distinctive 50-ball cricket format, set to captivate the world with its innovative approach to the beloved sport. Additionally, football enthusiasts can look forward to an exhilarating international competition at Tyagaraj Stadium, featuring teams from 10 countries.

Special privileges have been extended to students of Delhi Government Schools and physically challenged participants, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility.

Door Darshan, India’s national broadcaster, may broadcast the live opening and closing ceremonies, ensuring that this historic celebration reaches audiences far and wide. Modern Pythian Games is a unique global online and offline platform where artists and players can register themselves online and participate in offline events.

This event witnessed an extraordinary gathering of influential individuals, exemplifying the unifying power of arts and culture. Prominent attendees included Mr. A.K. Hek, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Government of Meghalaya, Mr. Ramchandru Tejavath IAS, Telangana, Mr. Dalip Singh, IAS, Haryana, Mr. OP Singh IPS, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. RK Srivastava, IAS, Goa, Mr. SC Gupta IAS, Sikkim, Mr. Anil Pratham, IPS, Gujarat, Mr. Jatin Lal IAS, Himachal Pradesh, Ms. Anuradha Pal IAS, Uttarakhand, Mr. Vishnu Kumar, IPS, Delhi, Mr. Aushim Khetrapal and Mr. Faruk, President, Association of African Students in India.

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Epic Historical Speech by Greece’s Minister Counsellor H.E. A. Boudouris on Modern Pythian Games

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