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Bella Glanville’s Thought-Provoking New Short Film, “Unseen,” Set to Premiere at Festivals in September

Bella Glanville’s Thought-Provoking New Short Film, “Unseen,” Set to Premiere at Festivals in September

After the acclaimed success of Glanville’s previous short film “Push,” garnering numerous awards, the anticipation for “Unseen” has peaked.

UNITED KINGDOM, August 22, 2023/ — Bella Glanville, an acclaimed Netflix actress, accomplished writer, and co-director, is poised to recapture the film industry’s attention with her highly anticipated short film “Unseen.” Glanville’s previous short movie “Push” garnered praise for its original narratives, earning accolades, recognition, and significant online engagement, thereby redefining the profound influence of cinematic artistry.

“Push”: Redefining Childbirth and Knowledge Sharing Through Humor

In Glanville’s “Push,” a clever connection emerges between the process of childbirth and the journey of disseminating knowledge. The film skillfully draws attention to the importance of cultivating a positive birthing environment by humorously intertwining the creation of life with the delivery process. Set against the backdrop of amusingly frantic medical professionals and glaring lights, the film hilariously portrays a couple’s attempt to conceive, thereby highlighting the critical need for supportive birthing environments.

Written and produced by Bella Glanville and Julia Melinek, “Push” has won multiple awards and accolades that includes New York Cinematography Awards, Women’s International Film Festival, London Seasonal Short Film Festival, London Worldwide Comedy Film Festival, and the KCL Birthing with Colour Midwifery Award. The short film has also garnered over 200K online views and has since become an invaluable educational resource in universities worldwide, spanning the US, UK, and Australia.

Glanville’s films have attracted an exceptional pool of talent, including BBC and Sky Director of Photography Tania Freimuth, Sundance composer Hollie Buhagiar, Star Wars Sound Recordist Haresh Patel, and award-winning director Anastasia Bunce, among other notable names. Speaking about the movie, Harry Bradbeer, BAFTA Nominated, Emmy Winner and Fleabag Director said, “Terrific! I laughed out loud. Very clever with a point that was beautifully made.”

“Unseen”: Addressing Mental Health Stigmas Through Perspective Shifts

“Unseen” emerges as a poignant exploration of societal attitudes toward mental health. Through the film, Glanville adeptly confronts the lack of empathy often directed toward individuals grappling with mental health challenges. The narrative ingeniously transforms physical afflictions into metaphors for mental struggles, shedding light on the disparity in understanding and support.

The story of “Unseen” introduces audiences to Dean, portrayed by Josh Cowle, a character nursing a fractured leg. However, the storyline takes an unexpected turn as it unveils Dean’s true struggle with depression. Remarkably, amidst his internal turmoil, his friends unwittingly encourage him to “run” and concoct excuses for his absence at their friend’s birthday, entirely unaware of his mental anguish. Similarly, Annabel’s initial predicament seems to stem from food poisoning, only to ultimately reveal her ongoing battle with an eating disorder. Tragically, her friends jest with her, playfully suggesting she should “eat cake,” inadvertently minimizing her struggle while exposing a lack of understanding.

At the core of this concise cinematic masterpiece lies a powerful objective—to catalyze a reconsideration of the callous attitudes frequently displayed towards those confronting mental health issues. “Unseen” seeks to underscore that for individuals enduring such struggles, their challenges are just as tangible and significant as a “broken leg.” Employing its unique narrative approach, the film encourages viewers to approach mental health challenges with the empathy, validation, and seriousness they warrant. In doing so, “Unseen” effectively challenges the deeply ingrained societal biases perpetuating this harmful divide.

Featuring a distinguished cast, including Netflix actress Bella Glanville, BAFTA-nominated Charlotte McBurney, and TikTok sensation James Hoyle, the film underscores the need for empathy and awareness regarding mental health issues.

Other crew members include Raffaele Nocerino (DOP), Arlo Jones (sound), David Rubenstein (Composer), Jennifer MacDonald (2nd AD), Chiara Fulgoni (lighting), Emily Holloway (behind-the-scenes coordinator), and a trio of composers: David Rubenstein, Samuel Pack, and Arabella. Notably, the entire cast exclusively consists of actors managed by Mary Liz Management, underscoring the close affiliation of this production with the UK-based Mary Liz Media.

About Bella Glanville

Bella Glanville is an award-winning actress and writer, international model, and four-time TED speaker best known for her role as Georgina in Jamie Demetriou’s Netflix series, ‘A Whole Lifetime’, Richard’s girlfriend in Ted Lasso, a role in Netflix’s ‘Geek Girl’, a role under NDA in a well-known blockbuster, and the lead role in the film, Deadly Perfect, premiering in 2023. She has also modeled for companies such as Adidas, Stella McCartney, Topshop, Nike, and Vogue. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she is a thought leader, having delivered four compelling TEDx talks exploring diverse topics including ‘The Myth of Perfection’, ‘Embracing Uncertainty’, ‘Clashing Personalities’ and ‘The Science of Online Dating’.

Visit her website at

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Bella Glanville’s Thought-Provoking New Short Film, “Unseen,” Set to Premiere at Festivals in September

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