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Celebrate 108 Years of Dada with a Captivating Novel Inspired by its Muse

Celebrate 108 Years of Dada with a Captivating Novel Inspired by its Muse

“What was Beautiful and Good,” at the historic Cabaret Voltaire

Literary/historical fiction novel captures spirit of young singer who fights for beauty amidst adversity of World War 1.

Wonderfully written. The book gives new zest for life, a lot of hope and strength in this new ‘war time, ‘ where old men are once again trying to destroy the world. Almost like 120 years ago.”

— -PBW Klemann, author

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 2, 2024 / — On February 5th, 2024, the world marks the 108th anniversary of the Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of the revolutionary Dada movement. To commemorate this landmark occasion, author Jill Blocker announces the release of her debut novel, “What Was Beautiful and Good,” a captivating historical fiction that breathes life into the spirit of Dada through the story of Emmy Hennings, the movement’s muse and a true force of creative resistance.

“What Was Beautiful and Good” is more than just a historical romance; it’s a poignant exploration of resilience, artistic expression, and the fight for beauty amidst adversity. By weaving together history, art, and a fictionalized account of Emmy Hennings’ life, the novel offers a unique perspective on the birth of Dada and its enduring impact on the world.

This captivating tale offers art organizations and Dada enthusiasts a timely opportunity to:

• Delve into the life and spirit of Emmy Hennings: Discover the woman who inspired artists like Hugo Ball and Tristan Tzara, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Dada through her eyes.

• Explore the historical context of the movement: Gain a deeper understanding of the social and political upheaval that gave rise to Dada, and how it reflected the anxieties and frustrations of a world at war.

• Engage with themes relevant to your audience: Spark discussions about artistic expression, freedom of speech, the power of creativity in challenging the status quo, and the enduring relevance of Dada in today’s world.

Jill Blocker is available for interviews and presentations. She is passionate about sharing Emmy Hennings’ story and its connection to the Dada movement and can offer insightful perspectives on the historical context and the continued resonance of Dada’s message.

“What was Beautiful and Good,” is also available in the German language under the title “Was schön war und gut,” published by the esteemed publishing house Münster Verlag in Zurich, Switzerland. If interested, organizations are also encouraged to:

• Host book readings and discussions: Offer your patrons a chance to engage with the novel and delve deeper into the world of Dada.

• Create exhibits or workshops: Partner with other artists and creatives to explore the artistic principles and themes of Dada, drawing inspiration from the novel.

• Use the novel as a resource for educational programs: Spark discussions about historical context, artistic expression, and the importance of questioning the status quo among students and young adults.

“What Was Beautiful and Good” is a powerful tribute to the spirit of Dada and its enduring legacy. To commemorate the Cabaret Voltaire’s

108th anniversary and engage your audience in meaningful dialogues about art, history, and social change, consider incorporating this captivating novel into your programming.

Adam James
Constellate Creatives
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What was Beautiful and Good | Book Trailer

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