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Dee Markwith Unveils Riveting Romance Novel: “Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance”

Dee Markwith Unveils Riveting Romance Novel: “Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance”

Douglass Markwith

Billionaire by Design

Billionaire by Design

One night with an irish billionaire

One night with an irish billionaire

Dee Markwith’s ‘Billionaire by Design’ is a gripping novel with unexpected twists that keep readers engaged until the dramatic finale.

Dee Markwith’s latest novel Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance offers readers an enthralling mix of love, suspense, and intrigue.”

— Douglass Markwith

WARREN, MAINE, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2023 / — Dee Markwith, a creative powerhouse hailing from the beautiful city of Tucson, Arizona, is set to captivate readers all over again with the re-release of his novel, “Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance.”

Markwith began his literary journey in a small coastal town in Maine, turning to creative writing to channel his overactive imagination. With New England’s long, harsh winters too much to bear, Markwith packed his belongings and sought a new life for himself in the Southwestern desert, where he continued to explore his creative side.

After working as an editor for a small, in-house publishing company, Markwith daringly surprised this publisher with a novel of his own. They went on to release the book, “Billionaire by Design,” and it was met with immediate praise, quickly achieving critical and commercial success. However, the book was released under a pseudonym, and Markwith saw little monetary compensation. His subsequent two books suffered the same fate, being released under fictitious names, and with little financial reward. Robbed of the recognition and compensation he rightfully deserved, Markwith fought to get his books pulled, and eventually won the battle. Finally, Markwith’s books have been re-released with proper credit given to this remarkable storyteller.

Originally released under the pseudonym “Tiana Cole,” Markwith’s smash hit, “Billionaire by Design” is finally available again with Markwith receiving the recognition he rightfully deserves for this romantic masterpiece.

About the Book:

The novel was originally published under the pseudonym “Tiana Cole.” “Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance” took the literary world by storm, quickly ascending to the top of bestseller lists for its genre. The story follows Jenna Parker, an aspiring artist whose life takes an unexpected turn when Zane Talbot, a charismatic entrepreneur, enters her life.

Zane, the head of a lucrative marketing enterprise, is captivated by Jenna’s talent and offers her a position in his firm. Their connection sparks an intense romance, and Jenna finds herself living the dream she had longed for. However, complications arise when Phil Miller, Zane’s chauvinistic right-hand man, begins making unwelcome advances in the workplace. He created a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere for her.

As Jenna grapples with Phil’s harassment, a shocking discovery within the firm adds another layer of complexity—an embezzlement scheme surfaces, casting doubt on Zane’s integrity. Everything worsens when Jenna realizes she is pregnant with Zane’s child, adding a new dimension to the tumultuous situation.

The novel reaches a climactic and chaotic conclusion as the tension between the characters intensifies. Readers will be left on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages to reveal the twists and turns that lead to the dramatic finale.

Dee Markwith’s novel, “Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance,” is a compelling story that explores the intricacies of love, power, and deceit. Its fusion of romance and suspense makes it an engaging read. The book promises to captivate readers with its gripping narrative and well-crafted plot.

For those who relished the original release under the pseudonym “Tiana Cole.” This reissued version, bearing the author’s actual name, celebrates Markwith’s undeniable talent. It is a testament to the enduring appeal of his storytelling.

“Billionaire by Design: A BWWM Romance” is available in two formats: e-book and print

The book is available to buy form here:

Readers worldwide are invited to read this novel of a journey filled with passion, mystery, and unexpected twists!

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