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Discovering Anjalts New Song ‘War is so Primitive’ Inspires True Resonance

Discovering Anjalts New Song ‘War is so Primitive’ Inspires True Resonance

“War is so Primitive” Song Image Courtesy of IXO Music

IXO Music Launches Seventh Track from Anjalts’ Highly Anticipated ‘Bluency’ Album

Do you want our Earth to look like Mars someday?”

— Anjalts

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2023 / — When the golden glow of the last autumn leaves flitters quietly without a sound. The winter chills add to the holiday atmosphere of giving, being thankful, and sharing an unspoken kindness unwrapped by one human being to another. Or at least that was once a moment reminiscent from “The Christmas Carol” and the Ghost of Christmas Past.

But given that wars and conflicts are occurring over the holidays, it makes sense that on the other side of the pond, a rising artist wrote and produced her seventh song, “War is so Primitive,” dropped Friday, November 24. Anjalts first introduced the song on her Instagram account, stating: “What can I say about this new song “War is so Primitive”? Writing this thought —resonated so much from me— like in the second verse ‘Do you want our Earth to look like Mars someday’ maybe sums it up.”

The song explores alternative thinking regarding wars and conflicts as a poignant reminder of the devastating impact on humanity. The prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist inspires the question: How, in the face of technological, diplomatic, and ethical advancements, are there “less” enlightened and humane ways to address conflicts today rather than resorting to war?

Anjalts delivers a profound reflection on the futility of war as a solution with soul-stirring lyrics that ponder an alternative evolution towards brilliance instead of a revolution —releasing her seventh track from her highly anticipated album ‘Bluency’ set for digital released later this year. The song combines an energetic synth-wave atmosphere with electrifying guitar riffs against a bass-driven backdrop. The music builds up to a catchy chorus that emphasizes humanity to rise above primitive conflicts and instead focus on better solutions. A heart-rending theme has been prevalent to an emerging songwriter since her first album release, ‘Air to Fire,’ came out in February this year and amassed over a million streams. The album hauled a collection of fifteen songs solely written, produced, and performed by the artist since appearing on the music scene in 2020.

“Inspiration can come in many forms”, says Acen Sinclair, studio engineer at IXO Music. “Anjalts is not the typical extroverted rock star banging guitars on stage. I interpret Anjalts’ music as transformative with an ethereal inner perspective. I see her with a guitar and a writing pad cranking out songs that bring improvisation to the forefront. Nothing is ever planned out. She just writes the parts on each instrument, guitar, drums, piano, bass guitar, acoustically and electronically with clarity.”

Acen stated that Anjalts conveys this unknown variable to her music that connects in the creative process, marked by spontaneity and authenticity, that even the occasional mistake fits seamlessly in the mix. Bringing a subtle poetic resonance to the meaning of this heavy word like ‘War’ being primitive, suggesting it should only exist within the confines of a video game and remain confined to Pandora’s box.

“It starts this exciting conversation of how Inspiration can take many forms, and one of the best is the true resonance of music,” concludes Sinclair. “There is limited capacity of technology that can provide better solutions. However, with humanity’s unlimited imagination, we can strive towards a more advanced civilization beaming with life or stay in this status quo and see our planet look like Mars someday.”

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