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DPA is back with its Golden gift lounge honoring the 2024 Golden Globes nominees at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

DPA is back with its Golden gift lounge honoring the 2024 Golden Globes nominees at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

“The DPA golden gift lounge 2024” will once again gift nominees in a spectacular worldwide gifting lounge.

Once again, I am very proud of my suite and can not wait for our guests to discover lots of new exquisite products”

— Nathalie Dubois

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, December 20, 2023 / — Nathalie Dubois and DPA are back the week of the Golden Globes, with “the DPA golden gift lounge 2024” featuring unique and amazing international brands in the Brentwood suites of The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. The event will feature a total of 36 worldwide brands, whose products will be gifted to guests attending the spectacular event.

One of the highlights of our suite will definitely be Netherlands’ Nowatch: ! NOWATCH measures stress, sleep and activity, so you can take charge of your wellbeing. Nowatch will host a bar, where the DPA guest will be able to customize his own device. Other high luxury brands will also be well represented: DPA will introduce in Hollywood English luxury footwear Aimée Ann Lou, Swiss DeMarquet will gift the newest of its exquisite clutches. Santa Barbara’s Hide and Stone will offer a bracelets ‘bar as well as permanent jewelry and Canadian Sunseeker jewelry will bring a selection of quality pieces made with beautiful gemstones from around the world.

The Film Killers of the flower moon is a centerpiece in the Awards season. DPA decided in Cannes, after seeing the film, that she will want some native brands to be represented in The DPA Golden gift lounge, and to gift first these products to Native American actresses, as well as the DPA guests. “First nation” (“native” in American language) Tracey Metallic Designs is one of the” coup de Coeur” of DPA this season. A Mi’gmaq artist born and raised on the shores of the Restigouche River, Canada, Tracey Metallic’s talent found expression as a founding member of Pugwalesg, a Mi’gmaq women’s hand drum group. Tracey’s career in painting was launched as a therapeutic outlet, painting cartoon characters for her grandchildren. Upon sharing her work on social media Tracey began receiving requests for abstract paintings. These initial pieces evolved with confidence into her own designs. Her line of bags, clothing, accessories is spectacular. Adan Ballou is not a native but lives on a reservation in Manitoba, Canada. It’s a brand that believes in pushing boundaries, embracing authenticity, and making a positive impact. Inspired by a passion for craftsmanship and a desire for ethical practices, Adan Ballou was born out of a dream to create a luxury fashion brand that reflects who we truly are.

Joining them from Nova Scotia, Canada, Red Label Kilts, is bringing few hundred pieces made of famous Tartan. This tartan is a tribute to celebrate the lives and commemorate the legacy of coal miners, their families and communities who are bonded globally. (this Tartan is registered with the Scottish Authority in Scotland) The gorgeous pieces are ranging from Lambswool scarves, throws, cuff links, bow ties, pendants…Absolutely fine quality that the DPA guests will appreciate. Two more Canadian Brands (It’s a total of 6 Canadian artisans in our suite this year) will join the party: The Nova Scotian Cookie Company, premium shortbread cookies and Dioné Cosmetics, a cruelty free, affordable and professional make up line.

Other beauty products will be provided by American brands: Luxury SkinMedica, Dion Michaels Skin Care For Men, River organics, Girlactik, and Jessica Cosmetics. Fashion pieces will be also present in The Dpa Golden Gift lounge: The Naughty girl online store will gift stylish clothing from various designers and 7 degrees sweaters, will introduce its unique hoodies (“celebrating life through color and comfort one hoodie at a time”) Authors will take the spotlight during the DPA golden gift lounge,: William Stevenson, Korynn Newville ,Kelly Anne Manuel and Oshri Liron Hatak will present their newest books.

Finally, selected nominees will get to visit Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts in French Polynesia, and The Greenhouse in Iceland,

The remaining Brands represented in the suite or gift bags are: Topo Chico, Truth in hand, Popchips, You need this Churro, Food should taste good, From the ground up snacks, “Box on the rocks” from Ignite Creative Services, Social, Sunny blue, Glow drinks,Caliwater, Brique French Toastery, CHIPZ HAPPEN, and Australian Bigsofti.

The DPA event runs January 5 and 6, from 10am to 6pm, at Luxe Sunset boulevard hotel. 11461 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

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DPA is back with its Golden gift lounge honoring the 2024 Golden Globes nominees at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

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