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Groundbreaking Documentary Addresses Food Insecurity in the Nation’s Poorest Major City

Groundbreaking Documentary Addresses Food Insecurity in the Nation’s Poorest Major City

Director Kaloni Davis

Philadelphia native, writer, and producer David J. Greenberg

Producer Harrison G. Hayman

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 / — “I’m Hungry In Philadelphia: The Many Faces of Food Insecurity” is a pioneering documentary that confronts the city’s food insecurity crisis head-on, offering practical solutions through insightful interviews with academics, politicians, doctors, activists, and citizens. Specifically designed for socially conscious audiences, philanthropists, and individuals seeking a thought-provoking examination of this issue, this film presents a gritty portrayal of poverty in America. Written and directed by Kaloni Davis, co-writing and research by David J. Greenberg, and produced by Harry G. Hayman IV, “I’m Hungry In Philadelphia” promises to shed light on the root causes of food shortages and poverty in Philadelphia.

“It’s a massive social injustice and oppression that people are born into poverty and can’t escape it. How people treat each other and hoard money, power, resources, and land leads to food insecurity,” says Mariana Chilton, director of Drexel University’s Center for Hunger-Free Communities and a renowned food insecurity researcher.

Despite nationwide declines in food insecurity, Philadelphia remains an outlier as the poorest among the top ten major U.S. cities. According to The Philadelphia Tribune, in 2022, over 28% of Black Philadelphians faced food insecurity, with regional food insecurity rising from 13.6% to 21.2% in three years. Additionally, 67% of area residents live below the 200% threshold for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The production of “I’m Hungry In Philadelphia” commenced in early 2024 and will continue through summer, with post-production scheduled to be completed in time for fall Oscar-qualifying festivals. For nearly a year, the director, writer, and producer have been collaborating to bring this crucial project to fruition.

Director Kaloni Davis, a graduate of Philadelphia’s Creative and Performing Arts High School and Temple University’s film program, brings a strong commitment to social issues. His previous work, including the 2023 documentary “A Hope That Lights The Way,” highlights the culture surrounding the gun violence epidemic in Philadelphia’s Black community.

Philadelphia native David J. Greenberg, a screenwriting professor at Drexel University and the University of the Arts, has penned over sixty screenplays, including “Bonnie & Clyde: Lovers on the Run” (2012). His book, “Screenwriting For Micro Budget Films,” is ranked in the Top 25 of’s greatest screenwriting books. Greenberg’s shared vision with director Davis is to use cinematic storytelling to highlight urgent social issues.

Producer Harry G. Hayman, a veteran of the food and beverage industry in Philadelphia and nationwide, has witnessed the food insecurity crisis firsthand as a volunteer and facilitator for several advocacy groups in the city. A committed social justice advocate and activist, Hayman embraces the power of film as a tool for social change.

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