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Identité Announces PasswordFree MFA WordPress Plugin

Identité Announces PasswordFree MFA WordPress Plugin

We Enable Simple and Secure Authentication for Everyone

A simple and secure solution that defends against impersonation and phishing attacks

With the WordPress plugin, we created a simple and fast way for developers to offer a PasswordFree MFA experience in their web portal”

— John Hertrich, CEO of Identité

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — Identité®, a company that is committed to eliminating passwords, credential phishing and account takeover, have released a WordPress Plugin that allows web designers and developers to add phishing resistant PasswordFree multi-factor authentication to their website using the WordPress Console. The PasswordFree Plugin enables a web portal to register and authenticate users without using passwords or SMS one-time passcodes (OTP).

Beginning today, WordPress developers can get the PasswordFree MFA WordPress plugin on Identité’s website at

The plugin utilizes innovative, award-winning, and patented Full Duplex Authentication®. This is a key defense against stolen credentials and account take-over. It neutralizes attacks such as phishing, website impersonation, man-in-middle, browser-in-browser, and rogue proxies. Approximately 80% of all known data breaches are the result of stolen credentials. Passwords are also business inhibitors. A recent survey found that 58% of consumers said they abandoned their shopping carts due to log-in frustrations. PasswordFree MFA allows an online user to employ their favorite device and biometric as a personal and secure authenticator.

The key benefits of using the PasswordFree MFA WordPress Plugin are:

• No code or programming skills needed – one click install

• Online users of the website have no passwords to create, remember, or recover

• Phishing-resistant protection for your website visitors

• Registration in under 5 seconds with a QR Code scan

• Frictionless PasswordFree execution using multiple factors of authentication, including a biometric, in less than a second

• Online users make use of their favorite trusted device turning it into a secure HW token

“With the WordPress plugin, we created a simple and fast way for developers to offer a PasswordFree MFA experience in their web portal,” says John Hertrich, CEO at Identité. “With a simple look, click or a tap, online users can register and authenticate to a PasswordFree MFA enabled website.”

“Phishing erodes brand confidence but most won’t risk the additional friction that comes with traditional MFA,” says Joe Skocich, EVP of Strategy, Global Sales and Marketing. “The PasswordFree MFA WordPress plugin protects users against phishing while allowing users to quickly register and return with less friction than creating or remembering a password.”

Visit Identité’s website to learn how to improve authentication for customers and the workforce with just a look, click or a tap, as well as provide protection against stolen credentials using phishing, man-in-middle, browser-in-browser, or rogue proxy attacks.

About Identité

Identité® is a security firm specializing in PasswordFree Multi-Factor Authentication and offering a simple and secure method to eliminate passwords for online customers and the workforce. Identité® enables anyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, to effortlessly set up PasswordFree Authentication for web portals, mobile apps, SaaS applications, and platform services such as Office365, ensuring both simplicity and security protection for online users at leisure or work. For more information, visit Identité.us. Follow Identité on LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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