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Indie Music Consultants Launches New Website to Support Indie Artists and Writers

Indie Music Consultants Launches New Website to Support Indie Artists and Writers

USA, November 24, 2023 / — After more than 12 years of collaboration, Joy Adams and Gary R Farmer have witnessed a transformative journey in their professional relationship. Farmer initially joined forces with Adams to produce backing music tracks for her original and cover songs across various projects.

The inspiration for their new venture, Indie Music Consultants, took root when Joy Adams clinched the esteemed International Female Album of the Year award at the ISSA Awards in Atlanta, GA, this August. It was during this recognition that the duo realized the prevailing confusion and misinformation within the indie artist and songwriting community, particularly concerning the business aspects of the music industry.

Indie Music Consultants emerged as a response to this realization, aiming to assist those grappling with the challenges of the music business. Farmer, possessing extensive knowledge in both the recording and marketing facets of the industry, joins forces with Adams, bringing her wealth of experience in performance, songwriting, and radio to the team.

“Between the two of us, we can provide solutions to most of the challenges the community is facing,” asserts Farmer.

Adams, expressing her excitement from her home in New Zealand, states, “I am thrilled about what we’ve created and feel fortunate to be part of an incredible opportunity to support our fellow artists and writers.”

The palpable focus and enthusiasm exuded by Adams and Farmer have left a lasting impression on everyone they encounter. During a recent songwriter meeting in New Zealand, where they unveiled their business plan, attendees eagerly absorbed every piece of information. The team addressed various issues within the music community, offering solutions, correcting problems, and gaining new clients for the comprehensive range of services offered by the company—from recording to marketing and radio.

Their decision to dive into this venture has already yielded success, with several clients realizing the profound impact of their straightforward and concise advice. Indie Music Consultants is not just offering answers; they are delivering insights that can significantly safeguard investments in a music career.


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