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Introducing Calibrite Display 123

Introducing Calibrite Display 123

A new easy-to-use interface for monitor calibration

Everyone who wants to see true color on their computer monitor has the benefit of simplicity, accuracy, and affordability in this latest color management tool from Calibrite.”

— Brenda K. Hipsher, VP Of Sales And Marketing At Calibrite

WHITE PLAINS, NY, U.S., March 8, 2024 / — Calibrite, LLC is proud to announce Calibrite Display 123, a new, easy-to-use monitor calibrator using a simpler interface of the powerful Calibrite PROFILER software. The Display 123 is the most affordable option for accurate color on most laptop and desktop monitors.

Use the Calibrite 123 to enhance visuals and make color-critical shopping decisions more accurate. Designed for photographers, designers, gamers, content creators, and an artists or craftspeople who work with colors.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Color setup on monitors is super simple. Connect the Display 123 device, launch the software, set the brightness to either Native or Photo (120 cd/m2) and the unit is ready to go. The device does its work and when finished, the difference is displayed with a before and after image.

Why Color Manage?

Most monitors are set to make video and other graphic content appear brighter, more contrasty, and slightly cool or bluish. Those who work with multiple monitors might see the same image displayed differently. Calibrating allows each monitor to produce color as accurately as possible.

Color management is an important part of daily digital lives, yet it is often overlooked or put off for fear of technology or the price tag. Calibrite Display 123 solves these issues and provides a useful tool for color correcting any monitor.

This new addition to the Calibrite family brings an easy starting point not only to those who edit images for print. Content creators, crafters who purchase materials online, designers, even those shopping for clothing or home furnishings can benefit from accurate color on their monitor.

Calibrite 123

True-to-life color for laptop and desktop monitors allows for absolute color accuracy for editing, gaming, creating and viewing.

Software features:

• Easy as 1-2-3 workflow

• Set desired brightness

• Profile your monitor

• Before and after check

Physical Device:

• Bright yellow case

• Compact size

• USB-C connection

• Adjustable counterweight • Environmentally friendly recyclable packaging

The Calibrite Display 123 is priced at $119.00 and is available for purchase at favorite photo/video retailers or at The Calibrite Display 123 will be available for consumer purchase on March 15th.

For more details on this and future Calibrite product news, please contact Brenda Hipsher, Calibrite VP Sales and Marketing at [email protected].


Calibrite is dedicated to providing the very best color solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers, and content creators who love color and demand the very best tools for their color critical creative workflow. For more information, visit

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Introducing Calibrite Display 123

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