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Love TMFTL to Release Debut Single “Planet Plastic tic tic tic” on March 1st

Love TMFTL to Release Debut Single “Planet Plastic tic tic tic” on March 1st

Debuting March 1st, Love TMFTL’s “Planet Plastic tic tic tic” tackles plastic pollution with music and arts, leading a call for global action.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 / — Love TMFTL is merging Music and Poetry as a catalyst to address global concerns and is set to release his debut single, “Planet Plastic tic tic tic,” on March 1st, 2024. This engaging track serves as a call to action against plastic pollution, reflecting Love TMFTL’s dedication to raising awareness and inspiring change through artistic expression.

“Planet Plastic tic tic tic” stands as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for environmental consciousness. Take a listen carefully and immerse yourself with Love TMFTL’s powerful lyrics with words such as “It’s a chronic chaotic habit. Let’s reconnect with our planet or we will regret it…”

Love TMFTL is transcending traditional genres, delivering a message that resonates deeply with a young and conscious audience, he inspires and encourages the listeners to find solutions for our future and the next generation.

In a notable move, Love TMFTL’s debut single will be released on a plant-based plastic vinyl record, marking a shift towards sustainable music production. This premiere in the USA underscores Love TMFTL’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sets a new standard for eco-friendly artistry in the music industry.

Ahead of its official release, the single is already generating interest on social media platforms. Audiences can preview the song on and engage with Love TMFTL’s mission via Facebook at With its meaningful lyrics and compelling rhythm, “Planet Plastic tic tic tic” aims to motivate listeners to confront the global plastic crisis.

To further support the artist’s cause, a range of merchandise will be available soon for purchase, including the first US premiere of a Plant-Based Vinyl Record, T-shirts, water aluminum bottles, and metal pins so the fans can engage and spread the message. Proceeds from these sales will contribute to Love TMFTL’s ongoing efforts and support his movement to drive positive change through music, poetry, and visual arts.

Love TMFTL’s vision extends beyond entertainment; it embodies a call to action for individuals to unite in the fight against environmental degradation and human rights injustices. Love TMFTL aims to inspire meaningful dialogue and encourage tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges by harnessing the power of music and poetry as catalysts for social change.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “Planet Plastic tic tic tic” continues to build, with this debut single poised to make a mark and significantly contribute to the music industry and the global environmental movement. Look forward to the Planet Plastic Music Video coming out next!

Users can visit the official website for any media or commercial inquiries.

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Love TMFTL, an artist weaving music and poetry, is set to release its debut single, “Planet Plastic tic tic tic,” on March 1st. With a focus on global issues, Love TMFTL’s art aims to inspire change through creativity.

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