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MAGNIFICA Award at Venice Film Festival 2023

MAGNIFICA Award at Venice Film Festival 2023

Tiziana Zampieri, President of Magnifica Consulting Group

Renato Casaro, Alessandro Pondi, Cris Ciampoli

Enrico Brignano, Tiziana Zampieri

Alessandro Pondi, Monica Vallerini

Tiziana Zampieri, Fortunato Cerlino, Alessandro Pondi, Paola Minaccioni, Enrico Brignano, Renato Casaro, Monica Vallerini, Cris Ciampoli

DUBAI, UAE, September 7, 2023/ — Tiziana Zampieri, President of Magnifica Consulting Group, operating in Italy, Dubai and Miami, led the cast of “Una Commedia Pericolosa” on the red carpet at the Lido of Venice. A brilliant Italian comedy, with a touch of Spy and Hitchcock that will soon land in Dubai, to appreciate Italian artistic talents also in the Middle East.

Moreover, the protagonist of the film, the extraordinary Enrico Brignano, at the press conference reiterated the vital importance of promoting Italian cinema abroad: “it is important to promote the Made in Italy of food, design or fashion, even that of culture. We are the country that holds 75% of the works of art, the most important in the world. We have given birth, not today but in its time, the Theatre. The theatre was born in Greece and then we inherited it. We have the Commedia dell’Arte that has had no nation in the world. And so, we, who today represent the Comedy through a film, should be proud, also because the great names of world cinema have had as a school the great directors and the great Italian actors. So, in this sense we should believe a little more and know how to search better in our drawers, and without waiting for the Americans to arrive”.

This on the occasion of the 80th Venice Film Festival 2023, where the multifaceted Tiziana Zampieri awarded, last September 5th, with the “Magnifica Award – Venice 2023” Maestro Renato Casaro, a true legend of World Cinema, whose film promotion posters have crossed the entire history of Cinema. In the world panorama of this art, Renato Casaro is certainly one of the most prominent names ever. Unable to list all the masterpieces he signed, just for example “Once upon a Time in America”, “007”, “The Name of the Rose”, “The Sheltering Sky”, “Dances with Wolves”, “First Blood”, “The Last Emperor” and many other masterpieces. Nicknamed “The King of Hollywood Posters” he is the man who designed the Cinema of All Time. Renato Casaro arrives in Venice with the cast of his latest work: “Una Commedia Pericolosa”, written and directed by the great Alessandro Pondi (elegantly dressed by Pignatelli) to his fourth masterful direction. Pondi continues to exploit the endless possibilities of comedy, mixing spy film and Hitchcockian thriller. In “Una Commedia Pericolosa”, the director returns to direct Enrico Brignano, Gabriella Pession, Fortunato Cerlino, Paola Minaccioni and Monica Vallerini. The film was produced by Rodeo Drive and distributed by 01. To host the cast the Space of the Veneto Region, the Veneto Film Commission at the Hotel Excelsior, icon of the Lido of Venice. Enrico Brignano, accompanied by his wife Flora Canto, Fortunato Cerlino, Paola Minaccioni, Monica Vallerini (in a splendid one-shoulder fuchsia dress by Pronovia) at the meeting with the Press and the Public, received the prestigious “Magnifica Award – Venice 2023”, and also the musical composer Cris Ciampoli. Cris, famous for having composed the soundtracks of “A casa Tutti Bene” and “L’Estate addosso” by Gabriele Muccino, “Il grande Spirito” by Sergio Rubino, “School of Mafia” by Alessandro Pondi and his latest work “Una Commedia Pericolosa”. Following a lunch gala overlooking the sea at the Terrazza Biennale at the Lido of Venice, with many guests and the media.

Partner of the Event, Provident Estate, an important Emirati company that is strongly committed to the development of the real estate market in Dubai. Provident Estate is a complete group for everything related to the real estate sector, with the aim of always offering a top-of-the-range service to its customers. Tailor-made and hassle-free real estate advice to investors and families looking to find the home of their dreams. Provident Estate is proud of the diversified portfolio of not only services, but also the team members behind the company. With over 22 different nationalities speaking more than 25 different languages, all are ready to answer questions related to real estate. Also to them, in the persons of the CEO Mohamed Loai Al Fakir and agent Alessandro De Rubertis, the “Magnifica Award – Venice 2023”.

Important partnership with Nomissimo, which donated a personalized jewel to each winner.

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