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Momenic Creations Inc. expands its Business Mentorship into external game development with “Momenic Enabled”

Momenic Creations Inc. expands its Business Mentorship into external game development with “Momenic Enabled”

Momenic Enabled

Geared towards mentorship and consulting services for entertainment experience developers, Momenic launches “Momenic Enabled” external game dev services.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, November 14, 2023 / — Momenic Creations Inc., geared towards initiatives that complement the development of entertainment experiences through its mentorship and consulting services, has now established its division “Momenic Enabled” to support underrepresented talent in emerging markets with international business and strategic development. At its inception, Momenic Enabled will offer external development sourcing to the video game industry.

Momenic is pleased to announce its first partnership with Lightop Studios, located in Xian China, a AAA developer in the domestic China market, now engaged in strategic development through Momenic’s mentorship and consulting, and offering their services as an external developer to international clients through Momenic Enabled.

Momenic’s Founder Dilber Mann said:
“We felt that the external development market, with its increasing cost of services, has created an atmosphere of exploitation, and the excessive layoffs the industry is experiencing also give us the sense that there will be a future emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency and cashflow, so we decided to work towards finding a way to offer developer clients a solution that results in the optimal use of external development services.

It made sense to tie our mentorship initiatives in growing emerging market service providers with our solution, allowing us to enable our clients with quality, scale, and cost-effective services that can withstand inflationary challenges.

We’ve had a long history with the founders of Lightop, where our mentorship collaboration had sparked the first game outsourcing capability in Xian, China, almost 15 years ago, and we are excited to see many years later the establishment of Lightop as a mature service provider and partner. With our newly forged partnership, we’ve ensured exclusive rates across a multi-year agreement for our clients in external development while working with Lightop to strategically grow their company and to support production.“

Lightop’s CEO Yuxi Zhang offered:
“Our team is very passionate about the work they have done for our AAA clients, yet we are challenged to expose our talent to the international audience. We’ve spent over a decade in support of AAA domestic developers as an art service provider, and it’s exciting to work with Momenic, who has had a history of mentorship in China and other parts of the world. We look forward to becoming a global contender with Momenic’s support and are honored to be part of the Momenic Enabled family of talented partners.”

About Momenic:
Momenic (Momenic Creations Inc.), A play on the words “Iconic” and “Moments”, Momenic was formed to support initiatives that create, preserve, and capture iconic moments/experiences through the use of entertainment media with the belief that with the right support, everyone has the ability to achieve greatness. Through mentorship, knowledge sharing, and investments, Momenic enables people, communities, and companies for success in their entertainment-related products and experiences. Based out of Vancouver, BC, Momenic’s influence is far reaching. A former APEX Brazil Import/Export Program Participant, and supporter of Brazil Game Developers since 2015, Momenic continues now through South East Asia & China driving its mentorship. Through museum exhibits and offering of pop culture luxury collectibles and merchandise, Momenic empowers communities with nostalgia as well as community storytelling through entertainment Media. Enhanced further through its Momenic Enabled Division as a video game external development service provider, Momenic continues to partner with underrepresented talent in emerging market countries. By working with the individual and smaller groups that strive to succeed, Momenic seeks to empower those they partner with to eventually impact regional change with positive outcomes that touch all aspects of people’s lives.

About Lightop:
Lightop, a game art supplier with headquarters in Xian, China, aims to expand their global reach and continue their pursuit of providing quality digital art services with passion and heart. Lightop offers technical and creative art services to the game, film, and television industries. Established in 2015 as a service provider for 3D/2D art asset services, Lightop has created content for a variety of domestic and foreign game consoles, PCs, and mobile games, including the Final Fantasy series. In terms of film and television, they are best known for providing 3D content for China’s CCTV6 movie channel.

Momenic Enabled

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