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Musgrove Music Distribution Broadens Their Successful Music Empire With Global Solutions For Serious Artists And Labels

Musgrove Music Distribution Broadens Their Successful Music Empire With Global Solutions For Serious Artists And Labels

Whether your business needs greater visibility in the mainstream, or your career in music or content creation needs a significant boost in online presence, MUSGROVE DIGITAL is your one-stop resource.

“Right Now Gospel,” aka “RNG Network,” is a dynamic brand and music app to manage, grow, and share your music and creative content.

Musgrove Music Distribution is the “One-stop Shop” for all your music production and music distribution needs.

MMD’s “RNG Network”, distribution website, and new Musgrove Digital site expands on business model to provide a “one stop shop” for all media distribution needs

We offer a strong accessible alternative for up and coming artists and industry veterans, and we provide to our clients the power to set and achieve realistic goals in a results-driven environment.”

— Daniel Musgrove, CEO, Musgrove Music Distribution, and Musgrove Digital

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2024 / — To the world at large, America has always been a place of legend; a place where men and women across the globe have trekked in search of fame, fortune, and success. And in the spirit of that legacy, a new face rises from the ranks to create another story of perseverance, tenacity, and drive, that has propelled one man’s basic idea into a prospering global entity. What makes this story special though is that the man who has brought his dream into reality has done so with the personal mandate of helping others achieve their dreams…in an industry whose gatekeepers do more to discourage and turn away more talented and skillful achievers than they ever bring in.

Daniel Musgrove has forged a path of success as a musical artist; a producer; a videographer; a television show producer; an internet content creator; a marketing mogul; and a global music distributor. His company, Musgrove Music Distribution, is an oasis in the desert for up and coming artists who seek to have their voice heard in the fiercely competitive music industry. And now in the advent of his new venture Musgrove Digital, content creators, as well as those who seek more creative options and control over their media ideas, have a place where they too can bring their concepts into full fruition.

From his humble beginnings back in 2012, making his first recording using a less than adequate (albeit primitive) self-build computer, along with some antiquated music software in the back of his modest home, neither Daniel nor anyone else could have predicted how this personal hobby would evolve into such a dominating force in the music industry. From the early stages of his career as a budding independent artist, to his present role as CEO of his own music empire, Daniel Musgrove’s multiple enterprises have produced a brand that is now recognized the world over, as his influence is being felt in both national and international markets.

“I saw a need for artists to get a better deal than what the rest of the industry offered,” says Daniel regarding his personal convictions surrounding his desire to go to the business side of the music industry. “All artists, independent or otherwise, need to get the best bang for their buck. They need a bigger stake in the product they produce. And they need to be able to see great results without breaking the bank, or feeling like they’re being taken advantage of. At Musgrove Music Distribution and Musgrove Digital, we offer a strong and accessible alternative for up and coming artists as well as industry veterans, and we provide to our clients the power to set and achieve realistic goals in a results-driven environment.”

Daniel Musgrove has has made available to the public an app for his RNG Network, which stands for “Right Now Gospel.” The RNG network is a built-in distribution hub for Musgrove’s clientele, because RNG is actually ten radio stations that airs music in major city markets, such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Nashville. Subscribers of the app enjoy the advantage of immersing themselves in the diverse sounds of gospel music from around the world, all conveniently accessible within a single app. For up and coming artists, this is just one of many distribution outlets available in the Musgrove business model, and artists can take full advantage of RNG to maximize their exposure to the public in a very short time frame. And because the app is available internationally, it means that artists can potentially procure audiences and listeners from around the globe.

As the ever-evolving needs of today’s content creators change over time, Musgrove Digital meets their need with access to multiple business options that provide a great many liberties and services to optimize their personal brand. Musgrove Digital provides the self-starter with everything in one convenient place. Users can have websites created for them and maintained all in one place, as well as app creation and internet radio stations. Musgrove Digital can provide clients with their own unique domain name to host their website and email addresses, as Musgrove Digital acts as an internet server. Podcast hosting and television shows can be set up and established within 48 hours, and any updates to a client’s website can be completed within 48 hours as well. And if a client wishes to set up their own internet radio station, Musgrove Digital can make their dream a reality by not only setting up the station but providing training on how to run it.

Between Musgrove Digital and Musgrove Music Distribution (MMD), clients can take advantage of services that truly cover all of the bases; it’s the quintessential “one-two punch” for all things media. The “Social Boost” services allow music artists to focus on creating music While MMD handles the rest, and they manage to get the music heard without the use of bots. The playlists and fanbase that MMD has developed is completely organic and widely diverse. MMD distributes, publishes, and fingerprints content to every digital service provider, inclusive of all major download and streaming services worldwide. And for the artist who still finds value in marketing their physical products, MMD can provide the artist with CD’s, DVD’s, vinyl, and other forms of merchandise to independent retailers, websites and EPK’s.

Daniel Musgrove has created a highly impressive multi-media conglomerate for well-established artists, up and coming artists, and content creators alike. His heart is for those who want their voice to be heard, but may not have the financial backing and industry know-how to bring their passion and dreams to the forefront. This is why Musgrove Digital’s slogan is “Where we bring your hidden talents to the surface.” And with so many people taking advantage of the services he provides, anyone can hear the sincerity in Musgrove’s voice when he says, “Praising God is our business…and business is good.”

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