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mxHERO Announces the Launch of Mail2Cloud for Box Hubs and Box AI

mxHERO Announces the Launch of Mail2Cloud for Box Hubs and Box AI

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mxHERO extends Box AI and Box Hubs to email content, allowing for deeper security, compliance, sustainability, and content ‘insights’

With the emergence of Box AI and the newly announced Box Hubs, omitting email from a security, compliance, sustainability, and content ‘insights’ strategy would be a huge miss.”

— Donald R. Hammons, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 11, 2023 / — Today, mxHERO, Inc., creator of the Mail2Cloud email management platform, announced the release of its latest Mail2Cloud platform to support unstructured email body, metadata, and attachment captures into the newly announced Box Hubs for the Box Content Cloud.

The mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform is a digital bridge linking any email system (e.g., Google, Microsoft, and others) to the Box Content Cloud. With today’s announcement, mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud platform is generally available (GA) to support automation of inbound, at-rest, and outbound email body, metadata, and attachment capture based on content type. mxHERO’s ability to automate the capture of enterprise and public-sector agency email for targeting routing directly into Box Hubs will allow for bespoke email-capture configurations (based on content type) and allow for Box AI LLM-powered insights within the Box Hub eco-system. The benefits of automating the capture of email content are vast and include:

• Improved digital hygiene and breach resilience

• Improved protections for IP, PII, and other sensitive email-based unstructured data

• Improved collaboration for automated version control management, removal of file-size impediments with email processing, and workflow automation

• Content ‘type’ capture from email systems into Box Hubs (e.g., Legal Hub for legal documents, HR Hub for HR-related email communications, Finance Hub for invoice capture automation, and other novel use cases mapped to a client’s potential setup and configuration of the newly announced Box Hubs environment in the Box Content Cloud

• Security wins as organizations can automate email capture, allowing for ‘safe file preview’ of inbound flowing attachment payloads (to thwart the risk of attachment weaponization) and by maintaining control of outbound targeted content sent via email – even after sending – to protect against content leakage, data sprawl and external-of-org breach risks

• Protections against Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware, and phishing events triggered by ill-intended actors

• Sustainability advantages such as the elimination of email attachment processing reduce IT and data center processing overhead, reducing CO2 emissions

• Extending content management platform capabilities to be inclusive of ‘all’ digital content (including email) will accelerate the potential of Box AI outcomes as organizations scale towards artificial intelligence-powered solutions within their IT application supply chains

• Cost-takeouts by leveraging mxHERO’s ability to capture at-rest email content from on-network appliances and at-rest email accounts in favor of content residency within Box

With the new Mail2Cloud platform release for Box Hubs, mxHERO has created the capability for senior leaders to determine for their organizations the most ideal email management configurations for at-rest, inbound, and outbound flowing email content to achieve some of the above objectives. While the Mail2Cloud platform has always supported customer capabilities for the email body, metadata, and attachment captures, the new Mail2Cloud platform release has additional advantages, including:

• A new UX interface allowing mxHERO Administrators to configure email routing rules within the Mail2Cloud platform suite more easily

• Improved audit logs and log file accessibility for security, GxP, and workflow validations

• Native capabilities to activate newly released mxHERO features, including Drag/Drop (supported by the Box API), e-Signature support (e.g., for BoxSign with mxHERO), and broader unstructured data capture from email to power up the benefits of both Box Hubs as well as Box AI

• Support for org-wide, business-centric, and bespoke rule setups to support nuance needs specific to an organization’s email content capture aims.

“We believe we have the world’s leading email management platform capable of capturing at-rest, inbound, and outbound email body, email metadata, and email attachment payloads in a manner that adds tremendous value for our customers. Email is a security and compliance risk, and it’s heavy from a cost and workflow friction perspective. By allowing customers to manage the nuances of the all-too-ubiquitous IT application that is email, we extend the security, sustainability, and workflow automation potential of the Box Content Cloud to include email-based content. With the emergence of Box AI and the newly announced Box Hubs, omitting email from a security, compliance, sustainability, and content ‘insights’ strategy would be a huge miss. With the new mxHERO Mail2Cloud platform release, it is now easier than ever for our customers to extend Box’s value proposition to be inclusive of email’s unstructured data. Extracting email content offensively is a win on the security front. Despite all of the other advantages of mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud, this use-case alone is a win for our global customers!” said Donald R. Hammons, mxHERO’s Chief Customer Officer and EVP for Alliances

mxHERO’s updated Mail2Cloud platform (supporting Box AI and Box Hubs) is Generally Available (GA) as of this announcement, with rollout to legacy customers and global distributors now underway. mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud platform is available via annual subscription models directly from mxHERO or authorized distributors and resellers in Europe, the Middle East, and APAC-Japan. “Email in native form is costly, it’s our largest security risk, and defensive software and hopeful end-user behaviors will not fully protect us. It’s time for a tectonic shift regarding leveraging email as a human communication modality. With this new release, our platform grants customers a robust set of options to configure its use in a manner that makes the most sense for their organizations while supporting their broad-based sustainability, content capture automation, and enterprise security initiatives. We believe this is the future of work. In partnership with Box, we’re excited about extending the benefits of Box Hubs and Box AI to email’s valuable unstructured data,” said Alexis Panagides, Co-Founder and CEO of mxHERO.

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