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NJ Author L.M. Coppa celebrates her NYC Big Book Award on Broadway in New York City Times Square

NJ Author L.M. Coppa celebrates her NYC Big Book Award on Broadway in New York City Times Square

As Seen In NYC Times Square – The Shady Oaks Division by L.M. Coppa

Author L.M. Coppa

Author L.M. Coppa

The Shady Oaks Division Distinguished Favorite Award Banner

The Shady Oaks Division Distinguished Favorite Award Banner

NYC Big Book Award 2023 Distinguished Favorite

NYC Big Book Award 2023 Distinguished Favorite

L.M. Coppa-Walrath’s book “The Shady Oaks Division” took center stage in Times Square, captivating the heart of New York City Broadway Theater District.

GLEN RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2024 / — On December 20th, L.M. Coppa illuminated the hearts of New York City theatregoers, Times Square visitors, and residents with her book “The Shady Oaks Division” when it was featured in NYC Times Square.

The program, curated by publisher Ted Olczak of the “INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD and NYC BIG BOOK AWARD” magazine, is a celebration of literary excellence that showcased L.M. Coppa and 34 other distinguished authors’ work to the world.

From 12:10am to 11:53pm on December 20th, each hour featured six minutes of content on a digital billboard from these award-winning authors. The strategically placed billboard on Broadway, just north of 46th Street, gave unprecedented exposure for these literary talents.

L.M. Coppa’s “The Shady Oaks Division” has garnered more than half a dozen book awards including the 2023 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite in Fiction.

The Shady Oaks Division

Jill is a retired asset who worked for the government for over twenty years. Jackson is the agent assigned to her to make sure she transitions smoothly and to keep her out of trouble. Settling her in the suburbs was probably not an ideal situation, but it was what she chose. Jackson has his work cut out for him as she pushes the limits of her new life. But as they grow closer, they can’t help but wonder… are things going too far?

After decades of government service, the time has come for Jill to retire. Choosing to tuck herself away in a sleepy suburb—what could possibly go wrong?

Jill’s lethal instincts, which made her one of the most sought-after government assets, won’t let her slip into the quiet life that easily. Her past keeps creeping into her present, making it difficult for her to settle into a life of garden lunches and knitting clubs. The Shady Oaks Division follows Jill through the trials and tribulations of retirement as she struggles to fit into her new role. Her paranoia, fueled by her sharp instincts, threatens to upend her. But is it just paranoia? Or are they forgetting that her training and expertise are what made her their number-one asset to begin with? Will Jackson, the agent assigned to Jill, be able to keep her from disturbing the picturesque town she’s moved into? His own colorful past allows him to connect with her, and he works tirelessly to keep her on track. But will it be enough, or will it complicate matters further?

Mr. Olczak, the publisher, shared his inspiration for this initiative, saying, “I thought about those supporting literacy and the arts. This year, I decided to celebrate 35 authors as they chose to be featured on a billboard by the TKTS Broadway ticket booth in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. I thought when I am purchasing a book, I’m not just giving a gift; I’m also supporting authors, illustrators, publishers, and the entire literary community. In my own small way, I’m also promoting literacy and helping to ensure that books remain accessible to everyone.”

About the Author

L. M. Coppa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in New Jersey. She is a fiction writer with a passion for storytelling that began in her childhood and has continued to this day. While raising her daughter and pursuing her education part-time, she finally earned her degree in Psychology from Montclair State University in early 2020, the same year her daughter graduated from high school. L. M. Coppa spends every spare moment dedicating herself to crafting imaginative stories hoping to captivate readers, as her favorite authors have captivated her over the years. When she’s not writing, she can be found with her nose buried in a book.

“And Then Ben” Released October 2021, “And Then Ben” follows Alice through a world decimated by an endless winter. Facing her fears alone for months, until Ben. As the two are drawn closer together by their shared desire for companionship, their individual pasts begin to reveal that everyone is not exactly who they seem.

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