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Novel The Grisly Goremet seeks to breathe new life into the food and vampire genres

Novel The Grisly Goremet seeks to breathe new life into the food and vampire genres

Book Cover for The Grisly Goremet, Book 1

Photo of Linda R. Morris, Author of The Grisly Goremet

Photo of Author Linda R. Morris

Marrying her passion for cooking with her love of the macabre, Linda R. Morris crafts a tale of a vampire chef bent on building an otherworldly gourmet empire.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 26, 2024 / — Linda R. Morris, former Hallmark writer and eternal Hollywood Brat, creates a bridge between the epicurean world and the vampire genre with her soon-to-be published first novel, The Grisly Goremet. The tale seeks to buck literary convention by introducing the world to a vampire chef and his quest to establish an otherworldly groundbreaking gourmet culinary empire.

On the eve of gastronomic success, tragic circumstances force young chef Theo Rendger to take on the mantle of bloodsucking vampire. Believing his dreams of epicurean mastery forever crushed, he is at first a rather poor — yet vicious — fiend until a late-night intervention opens his eyes to another possibility. What if he takes his original vision to rule the human culinary world and create an unprecedented gourmet empire for those dark beings he now calls his peers?

The Grisly Goremet combines both Morris’ knowledge of cooking and food (she is a culinary school graduate who creates shrubs — aka drinking vinegars — and organic homemade jellies) with her longtime fascination with the horror genre. Sparked by an idea randomly thrown out to her by her then 3-year-old son, this fan of Stephen King, Anne Rice, Elizabeth Kostova, and J. R. R. Tolkien — as well as Julia Child, Mashama Bailey, Marcus Samuelsson, and Anthony Bourdain — became intrigued by the possibility of creating something untried in vampire lore: a vampire chef who seeks to bring gourmet fare to patrons who are the stuff of nightmare and legend. The story has grown to delve into struggles with grief and sorrow, what one goes through to follow and fulfill their dream (sometimes to dangerous and fatal circumstances), and the deeply held beliefs that dining brings people together and that every being — human and otherwise — deserves a delicious meal crafted with love.

“I suppose you could hear the idea of a ‘vampire chef’ and think this might have a campy spin to it,” Morris shares. “But Theo’s path is fraught and difficult for him to navigate. His pain runs deep and conveying that and making it feel as true to life as possible was important. A lot of research went into it, including hardcore recipe testing.” Morris is quick to point out, “Human food recipe testing. I’m all about creating a sense of realism in the fantastical, but c’mon.”

Morris crafted The Grisly Goremet by taking what we know about the vampire genre, adding new ideas to the tried-and-true tropes, then weaving in the power of food to not only bring people together but convey who and what they are. Early response has been strong, with Journalist/Editor Jessica Hagen noting, “Morris’ beautiful writing entrenches you in an exquisite, gruesome world filled with elegance, horror, and unique empathy for the disturbing and captivating characters.” Emmy-Award winning writer, Ruth Waytz proclaims, “Never before have vampires and foodies shared the same stage, and the combination is beyond intoxicating.” She goes on to state that “the culinary angle (our main character Theo is a chef) transforms what might have been another dusty vampire legend into something fresh, bright and thrilling,” with “a narrative driven by rich characters you care about, even when they scare you.”

The Grisly Goremet hit Amazon, IngramSpark, and Kobo in early February 2024, and Morris is already busy writing book two in the Theo Rendger saga as well as another fantastical piece in which food is heavily featured. “I was raised to believe the kitchen is the heart of the house,” Morris confides. “Some of my best memories are around cooking and feeding people with love. I can’t imagine writing something that doesn’t include a culinary angle, no matter what genre it is. It’s a way of bonding that is so purely visceral, it’s a whole mind and body experience.”

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