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Rajesh Michael Lalloo of JR MICHAEL to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Rajesh Michael Lalloo of JR MICHAEL to be Featured on Close Up Radio

EAST ELMHURST, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2024 / — The most ingenious, innovative, and profitable business ideas come from entrepreneurs. With the world changing at an unprecedented pace, the shifting needs of consumers, the emergence of new technologies, and the upsurge of the digital economy, the best and brightest entrepreneurs with innovative business models are needed more than ever. Even more beneficial is the altruistic entrepreneur who recognizes we are morally obligated to build a future that is not just about maximizing profit but benefits every single one of us. From complex, global challives ande world hunger, disease, to climate change, these dedicated forward- thinking entrepreneurs better our lives, and create positive impact so we can look forward to a happier, healthier, more sustainable planet.

One such especially driven individual is Rajesh Lalloo. Far more than just a seasoned business professional, he not only has a genuinely good heart, he is also a visionary who recognizes the growing demand to achieve a better standard of living for us all. Rajesh is co-owner of two lucrative businesses, Brick House Pictures and United News Corp. In addition, being a board member of Source Recycle.

Source Recycle is a socially conscious business, where Rajesh works alongside the owner/ inventor of the technology that, according to Rajesh, will revolutionize the recycling industry.

With eco-consumerism clearly on the rise and with more and more companies finally going green, this machine is nothing short of genius.

Besides our worsening climate change being a severe threat to the well -being of our planet and life on Earth, plastic is also a huge global problem. Some of the largest companies in the world are creating a negative impact on climate change and contributing to plastic pollution. All that plastic we discard, from coffee cup lids to our protein bar wrappers, pollutes our rivers, aquatic ecosystems, oceans, and lakes. Ultimately, plastic ends up in landfills where they leach harmful chemicals or get incinerated, circulating toxic carbon into the atmosphere. Plastic also contributes to waste and pollution, is dangerous to our health, and a terrible threat to our precious wildlife. Someday, Rajesh says, it will end up in our food.

Recycling is not sufficient. The fact is, with the massive amount of plastic we throw away only a small percentage is actually being recycled.

Source Recycle, on the other hand, has the solution for creating a greener world by reducing the tremendous amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and incinerators with their clever invention of an apparatus machine that will minimize these problems completely. Made up of three different bins, this nifty machine separates the plastic, glass, and aluminum resulting in one hundred percent raw recycled energy. Thus, companies that use plastic, like construction companies for instance, can use it for things like construction blocks or concrete blocks to build homes, so bottom line we are no longer wasting the plastic but reusing it in such a way so rather than being wasteful it is a functional, valuable part of our environment suitable for a variety of other uses.

Source Recycle will also house all these raw materials and Rajesh is currently looking for acres of lands ideally somewhere in the Southern Region of United States.

College students are already achieving remarkable results using these machines. Additionally, Rajesh is actively exploring potential investor partnerships to supply these remarkable machines to the masses globally.

Rajesh’s other business is Brick House Pictures, a socially conscious Online digital production studio. He wears many hats—producing, acting, directing, and scriptwriting. Not only does he hire writers and producers, but he also collaborates with other companies. Brick House Pictures co-produced a thriller suspense film entitled “Bullet,” available on Amazon Prime.

Brick House Pictures is presently accepting screenplays from solicited queries to unsolicited queries so aspiring writers can submit their work.

Brick House Pictures is actively seeking fresh, and original screenplays for production. These screenplays should have well-structured stories and memorable characters that can captivate the attention of the audience. In particular, they are interested in stories that evoke emotions, whether it’s a gut-wrenching drama or awe-inspiring thrilling entertainment, that will profoundly resonate with a broad audience. It could be mystery, drama, or thriller, perhaps one that offers insight into the human condition, gritty, heart wrenching, funny, where the main character defies the odds and humanity is taught a powerful lesson. That makes people feel something.

Hollywood may be woefully lacking in creating meaningful films that inspire people and help them cope with their own life’s difficulties.

Rajesh, a purpose-driven entrepreneur, is dedicated to catalyzing transformative change and being a valuable contributor, fostering connections and creating a more meaningful impact. Success encompasses more than just accumulating wealth and generating profits; it involves making a positive impact and raising awareness. Rajesh asserts that it is essential for each of us to contribute positively to humanity. He directs his efforts towards generating a positive social impact through his modern business practices, unwavering commitment to social responsibility, and pursuit of constructive transformation.

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