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Scope Locations Launches An Innovative Website Providing Specialized Services for Filming Locations

Scope Locations Launches An Innovative Website Providing Specialized Services for Filming Locations

Shirley Scopelitis, President of Scope Locations

Scope Locations website

Discover the Perfect Setting: Scope Locations Unveils Cutting-Edge Platform for Filming Location Needs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 9, 2024 / — Introducing Scope Locations, a premier locations agency heralding a new era of personalized service in the industry. Scope Locations’ new website launch introduces an advanced approach to how location professionals discover and select filming locations. The website offers a robust search functionality, enabling professionals to conduct searches at the most detailed level. It provides exceptional user-friendliness and incorporates technological features for an enhanced experience.

Building Strong Relationships with Property Owners and Location Professionals

Scope Locations prioritizes building meaningful and personalized relationships with its clients, ensuring they are thoroughly informed about the film production process. Through comprehensive guidance on the nuances of hosting film productions, Scope Locations provides its clients a seamless experience and peace of mind.

“What truly sets our location agency apart is our commitment to understanding our clients on a more personal level. We are deeply dedicated to ensuring the needs of both our property owners/businesses and our productions are met through our unwavering commitment and hard work. Our objective is to facilitate collaborations that enable all involved parties to attain their desired goals,” shares Shirley Scopelitis, President of Scope Locations.

JJ Levine, 1st Vice President at Locations Managers Guild International, who worked and collaborated with Scopelitis comments: “Shirley is an ally and an asset to production. She works hard to deliver the ideal location, and to make the deal work for all parties. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

This robust tool allows for an in-depth examination of all text fields associated with each property, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Scope Locations takes great care in crafting detailed and comprehensive property profiles, streamlining the identification process. This meticulous approach enables location professionals to efficiently and effortlessly pinpoint properties that precisely meet their unique criteria.

Key Features of the New Website

User-Friendly Interface: Crafted for effortless navigation and intuitive operation, the website enhances the efficiency of location identification.

Advanced Search Capabilities: The platform’s state-of-the-art search tools enable users to filter locations by various criteria to find the ideal match for their projects.

Time-Saving Tools: These features are designed to optimize time and resource use for location professionals.

Meeting Diverse Production Needs Beyond the Existing Portfolio

Recognizing the dynamic nature of production requirements, Scope Locations is equipped with the necessary resources to swiftly scout and secure the perfect location if it is not already in their portfolio. This capability ensures that the unique needs of their dedicated location professionals are always met.

About Scope Locations:

Scope Locations, founded by deeply experienced industry professionals, stands at the forefront of delivering the ideal location for every production’s needs. Their commitment to excellence and innovation distinguishes them, offering a unique service and a great platform for finding the ideal filming location.

To explore the new website and its revolutionary features, visit For additional information or to schedule an interview with a representative from Scope Locations, please contact Shirley Scopelitis at [email protected]

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