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Stuart Harvey Drives Readers to a Compelling Ride in Wheels of Thunder

Stuart Harvey Drives Readers to a Compelling Ride in Wheels of Thunder

In coordination with PageTurner Press and Media, Stuart Harvey released Wheels of Thunder. It is inspired by a true story of life with learning difficulties.

Stuart Harvey first came up with the idea for his self-help book when he was in his fourth year of secondary school. It was after a girl in his group admitted that she was never truly in love with him, confessing that she was already in a relationship with someone else. One of his reasons for entering a relationship was to build his confidence, which—at that time—wasn’t brilliant. So that confession was a surprise to him. This brought him the horrible truth that being on the spectrum is not going to be a walk in the park as he once thought.

Wheels of Thunder was originally titled Stinger, which takes after the feeling of losing something very close to you. Bringing his love for cars gave the story another taste, so Wheels of Thunder became the book title instead. He loves cars to bits.

The first draft was written in the year 2015 but was still missing a lot of content because the book was based on real-life events. Before, the Harvey family was mainly train- and aircraft-oriented, having worked at an aircraft company for two generations. But for Stuart, he was more into cars, bikes, and lorries. In addition to this, the character Ben in the book is based on his real-life best friend, whom he met in secondary school. He was his influence in things such as supercars, BBC’s Top Gear, and the like. He has also taken a lot of inspiration from his job in writing Wheels of Thunder.

Wheels of Thunder is about Stuart Robson, an amateur mechanic and wannabe racing driver who has a love for speed and cars. He had spent most of his life in love with vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but people couldn’t understand his strange ways and superior knowledge of things way outside of his age group. People were worried about him, but when he was seven years old, he could completely strip down and rebuild a motorcycle engine. At twelve years old, he finished the whole motorcycle itself, and by the time he finished school, he had managed to complete two restoration projects.

On his eleventh birthday, Stuart found out that he was born with Asperger’s syndrome. His parents feared that if he had known the truth earlier, he would have attempted to take his own life in shame, as was the case with so many people born with learning difficulties.

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