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Tales of Seikyu: A New Yokai Farming Adventure Awaits

Tales of Seikyu: A New Yokai Farming Adventure Awaits

A fantasy farming RPG: Restore an inn, connect with unique characters, and discover a world’s hidden wonders.

CA, USA, December 29, 2023 / — Today marks a thrilling moment for fans of fantasy and farming simulations as the much-anticipated official announcement trailer for “Tales of Seikyu” is unveiled. Developed by ACE Entertainment, “Tales of Seikyu” is a unique blend of enchanting yokai folklore and engaging farming simulation, set in the mystical land of Seikyu. This game promises to whisk players away to a world where every day is an adventure filled with magic, mystery, and the joys of pastoral life.

Game Overview:

Tales of Seikyu happen in a fantasy-style world inhabited by legendary creatures and charismatic characters. As the new owner of a countryside house, players, alongside their friend Kon, will embark on a leisurely life, managing a farm amidst a community of unique yokai inhabitants.

The town of Seikyu is alive with personalities like the lord Kyubi, the flamboyant bar owner Shuten-dōji, the sharp-witted folklorist Yoji, and the peace-loving former mafia boss Otter Andolini.

Game Features:

Retreat to the Countryside, Manage a Farm in a World of Yaokai: Players will immerse themselves in the seasonal rhythms of farm life, cultivating crops, raising animals, crafting unique recipes, and transforming a once dilapidated farmhouse into a thriving ranch or a luxurious monster inn.

Shape-shift Your Way Through Mysteries: The game introduces divine masks that grant players unique abilities, allowing them to transform and tackle the world’s mysteries in creative ways. From soaring the skies as a crow tengu to diving for treasures as a Slime, the possibilities are endless.

Unveil Hidden Stories: “Tales of Seikyu” is rich with deep narratives. Players will build relationships with over 30 unique characters, each with their own story interwoven with the fabric of Seikyu. Friendships and romances will blossom as players engage with the villagers’ lives.

Team Up with Friends: The game offers a multiplayer feature where friends can join forces to explore, farm, and build together. Whether it’s taking on challenges or simply enjoying the tranquil life, the game provides a shared space for adventures and relaxation.

Official Announcement Trailer:

The official announcement trailer offers a first look into the vibrant world of Seikyu, showcasing the beautiful landscapes, diverse characters, and the magical adventures that await. Watch the trailer here


“Tales of Seikyu” is anticipated to launch in 2024. While you eagerly await its release, you can support us on Kickstarter or go Steam add the game to your wishlist to stay informed with the latest developments and announcements. Prepare to immerse yourself in a harmonious world where fantasy and farming intertwine, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the enchanting land of Seikyu!

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Tales of Seikyu | Official Announcement Trailer

Tales of Seikyu: A New Yokai Farming Adventure Awaits

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