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Tamara Smith’s “Coming Into Power” Set to Ignite Hollywood

Tamara Smith’s “Coming Into Power” Set to Ignite Hollywood

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Author: Tamara Smith

Coming into Power

From Vivid Dreams to Silver Screens: Tamara Smith’s “Coming Into Power” Set to
Enchant The Film Industry!

Fast-paced,engaging erotic fantasy,Coming Into Power by Tamara Smith is bursting with imagination and sensuality as well as consideration of issues such as trust,family, and the meaning of belonging”

— SPR Review

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2023 / — In a thrilling turn of events, prominent author Tamara Smith is taking Hollywood by storm, adapting her riveting masterpiece “Coming Into Power” into a screenplay. With the literary world already abuzz about Mikayla’s journey of self-discovery, destiny, and werewolf wars, the cinematic world is poised to be set ablaze.

“Coming Into Power” is not just another tale. It intricately weaves the life of Mikayla, an everyday human with ordinary dreams and aspirations into a world that is anything but normal. She finds herself thrust into a hidden world of werewolves, power struggles and prophecies. From the cozy confines of the Pop Pop Diner to the electrifying atmosphere of the Firestarter Club, Mikayla’s life takes a turn when she discovers her hidden past and the life chosen for her by fate. Amidst a brewing werewolf war, Mikayla and Jason, a playboy Alpha werewolf, grapple with their destinies, love, and the intricate dance of power.

The book delves deep, discussing power dynamics, relationships, and gives the reader a peak into the thought process of key characters, while the reader follows Smith’s multifaceted approach, combined with her unique storytelling structure, sets “Coming Into Power” apart from other paranormal romances. It’s a tale that promises originality, a re-imagination of werewolf life, and a tantalizing hint of sexual intrigue.

Tamara Smith, a writer known for her vivid and descriptive storytelling, received early recognition for her poetic work. She contributed a poignant poem titled “Sisters” to the poetry collection “At Water’s Edge,” which earned a place in the National Library of Congress. This acknowledgment marked the beginning of her literary journey, showcasing her potential and the depth of her expression. Her captivating masterpiece, “Coming Into Power,” is a testament to her evolved literary prowess. Her vivid dreams, almost cinematic in their clarity, have been a source of inspiration. “Coming Into Power” was birthed from one such dream and fueled a descriptive narrative, which is so compelling, it often feels like you are watching everything play out on a screen. Encouraged by her significant other, Smith transformed this dream into a story that has captivated readers worldwide.

Kew Media, a renowned name in the entertainment industry, has taken the reins to manage the film rights of this promising screenplay. With the potential to be a blockbuster, movie producers and production houses are already showing keen interest.

“A fast-paced, engaging erotic fantasy, Coming Into Power by Tamara Smith is bursting with imagination and sensuality as well as consideration of issues such as trust, family, and the meaning of belonging. With its original take on the genre, thriller-like plotting, and sharply-drawn characters, the novel is a boundary-pushing, category-crossing story as sensitive as it is steamy” – SPR Review.

“Coming Into Power” is more than just a story; it’s a movement, a journey, and soon, a cinematic masterpiece. As Tamara Smith takes her first steps into Hollywood, the world waits with bated breath for Mikayla’s story to unfold on the silver screen.

Readers can also dive into the captivating world of “Coming Into Power: Mikayla’s Tale” and immerse themselves in its thrilling and romantic narrative. To embark on this enchanting journey, simply visit Amazon and grab your copy here:

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