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The Cannabruhz Media Elevates Cannabis Industry Narratives with Exciting Expansions

The Cannabruhz Media Elevates Cannabis Industry Narratives with Exciting Expansions

Jerell, Corey & J-Man

The Cannabruhz Media Elevates Cannabis Industry Narratives with Exciting Expansions

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2024 / — The Cannabruhz, renowned for their dynamic foray into podcasting and exploring the cannabis industry, are now poised to revolutionize the media landscape with groundbreaking expansions. Venturing beyond their established audio and video podcasts, they are set to amplify their impact through “The Cannabruhz Experience.” This new venture, a 10-part inaugural series currently featured on Weed and Whiskey TV, is actively seeking strategic partnerships and sponsorships to propel production to unprecedented levels. Jerry “J-Man” Joyner, the host of the weekly TV show and podcast Weed And Whiskey New and founder of Weed And Whiskey TV shared “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with Milsap and Duncan. They are dedicated to helping businesses in the marijuana industry with their financial services firm Harvest AF and “The Cannabruhz Experience” is a great way for them to connect with and educate folks.” Joyner continued, “They have broadcast quality content and we feel our platform gives them a start to get noticed by larger mainstream streaming networks like ROKU, Netflix and more.”

Helmed by the dynamic duo of Corey Milsap, EA, and Jerell Duncan, The Cannabruhz are not just about entertainment but are emerging as visionaries within the cannabis sector. Their mission transcends mere storytelling; it’s about empowering unique and previously unheard-of cannabis businesses. The duo dives deep into the narratives of dedicated entrepreneurs, sharing invaluable insights and paving the way for success – both for the featured businesses and others seeking knowledge and guidance.

“The Cannabruhz Experience” is more than just a show; it’s a visionary journey, uncovering unique and untold stories within the cannabis industry. Focusing on dedicated and innovative business owners, the hosts are set to make a significant impact by sharing authentic experiences and insights. This series stands as a testament to The Cannabruhz’s commitment to sharing expertise, especially through their financial service venture, Harvest AF: Financial Consulting. Corey Milsap shared his sentiments, mentioning, “Through ‘The Cannabruhz Experience,’ we are not just sharing stories, but we are also building bridges. This series is the light, guiding both entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to discover the untapped potential within the cannabis industry. Our mission extends beyond mere financial consulting; we are here to ignite a movement, to elevate every voice in this sector, and to demonstrate that the cannabis narrative is about innovation, empowerment, and community. At Harvest AF, we’re not just Financial Providers; we’re advocates, storytellers, and partners in every entrepreneur’s journey towards success.We have a saying that ‘Behind Me Comes The Culture!’ We are truly putting our communities on our shoulders and marching forward!”

Harvest AF is adept in offering specialized tax strategies, monthly bookkeeping services, and comprehensive tax guidance and preparation. With a laser focus on the cannabis industry, The Cannabruhz and their team of financial experts aim to provide sustainability and support to hardworking businesses, veterans, and those impacted by the war on drugs.

The expansion of The Cannabruhz Media also includes the launch of Minc Mentality Merchandise, embodying the brand’s fearless mindset and determination. This merchandise line, representing just one facet of the brand’s impact, mirrors the spirit of The Cannabruhz in championing and inspiring businesses within the cannabis industry. Jerell adds, “As the curator of Minc Mentality merchandise, I focus my energy towards presenting collections that speak for those who believe in unwavering grit and overcoming challenges that come along with rising within high risk industries and disproportionately affected communities. Much like The Cannabruhz Media content, our merchandise encourages the uplifting spirit possessed by individuals and businesses in the cannabis community to have a place to thrive. Wearing your mindset versus wearing fashion is the goal, but in attitude and with pride. Here’s to you!”

In this era of transformation, The Cannabruhz Media is actively seeking strategic partnerships and sponsorships. Join them in this pioneering journey as they redefine narratives and create a lasting impact in the cannabis industry.

About Cannabruhz & Harvest AF

The Cannabruhz Media, led by Jerell Duncan and Corey Milsap, EA, transcends traditional media barriers. Through podcasts and “The Cannabruhz Experience,” they shine a spotlight on unique cannabis businesses, offering financial insights and fostering sustainability in an evolving industry. Their expansion, which includes Minc Mentality Merchandise, represents just a fraction of the enduring influence this brand aims to exert on a deserving community, alongside their incredible and creative work with “The Cannabruhz Experience.”

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