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“The Wednesday Killer,” from Publisher Janet Walker, Nominated for Screenplay of the Year

“The Wednesday Killer,” from Publisher Janet Walker, Nominated for Screenplay of the Year

The Wednesday Killer – New York Film Awards Nomination

“The Wednesday Killer,” from Publisher Janet Walker, Continues to Captivate Audiences

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / — Janet Walker, publisher, and founder of, is celebrating the success of her original riveting crime drama “The Wednesday Killer” which has been nominated for Best Feature Screenplay of The Year – 2023 by New York Film Awards capping a season of unprecedented achievement for her second screenplay.

Ms. Walker said of the surprising announcement, “I was shocked and humbled that “The Wednesday Killer” was nominated and included as one of the top five screenplays of the year. I certainly didn’t expect it.”

“One of the most attractive qualities of the script is the immediate sense of unease the writer introduces in showing [the killer] as a very wealthy, well-liked, and charming man before revealing his homicidal habits,” said a reviewer from Portland Screenplay Awards.

The captivating murder mystery has been designated an award winner by the majority of film festivals that have judged the intense and gripping thriller and continues to build interest as Ms. Walker seeks a producer and development opportunities.

Ms. Walker’s debut screenplay, “The Six Sides of Truth,” continues to earn global raves from Cannes to Toronto and Los Angeles to Chicago. The Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards said, “The Six Sides of Truth cannot be ignored,” calling the screenplay, a “cerebral thriller.”

The recent recognition of each of Ms. Walker’s five screenplays, “The Six Sides of Truth,” “The Wednesday Killer,” “The Manhattan Project,” “The Assassins of Fifth Avenue,” and “Project 13: The Last Day,” elevates the total awards and selections to more than 100.

“The Six Sides of Truth,” tells the story of a female reporter who discovered the human testing of a classified project and her race against time to expose the high-ranking government officials who will stop at nothing to silence her and has also picked up an additional screenplay win.

“The Wednesday Killer,” a riveting, race against time crime drama, tells the story of a sadomasochistic serial killer targeting affluent New York City women and the FBI agent driven by childhood memories to catch this monster before he kills again.

“The Manhattan Project,” a riveting, fast-action, suspense thriller, weaves a tale of greed and corruption, as a dedicated investigative news team work to expose a depraved minister and a tenacious DEA agent, haunted by the murder of her family, race to capture a ruthless cartel leader with a foothold in Manhattan’s legal system.

“The Assassins of Fifth Avenue,” an edgy crime thriller, tells the story of a wealthy criminal mastermind, a serial killer, and a reporter determined to uncover the truth and the exiled detective she enlists to help her find the killer before he kills again.

“Project 13: The Last Day,” a gripping, white-knuckle, sci-fi action drama, follows the Braverman family in a post-apocalyptic world as they seek to reunite with their loved ones after a bioweapon is released resulting in anarchy and lawlessness while government searches for a solution.

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