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Travel Back to the American Revolution and Get Ready to Meet ‘Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women’!

Travel Back to the American Revolution and Get Ready to Meet ‘Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women’!

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written by Heidi Hartwiger; on sale August 15, 2023

Inspirational, enriching, and empowering, this is a must-read for future leaders.”

— Don Feenerty, community development executive

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/ — Brandylane Publishers, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia, is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new children’s book, ‘Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women,’ written by Heidi Hartwiger.

Explore America’s Revolutionary period through the eyes of six steadfast women from different walks of life—including an amazing teacher, an enslaved woman who won her freedom, the Oneida maiden who saved the day at Valley Forge, and more! Through six fast-paced stories, ‘Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women’ brings these brave and often little-known historical figures to life to serve as fantastic examples of resourcefulness and leadership for girls and boys ages 8–12. Watch Out, World—’Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women’ is scheduled for release on August 15, 2023!


‘It’s a special quality tucked down deep inside you, which comes out when a problem needs solving. It might come from love, courage, or perseverance. Whatever inspires it, it is the part of you that says, “Watch Out, World! I can deal with this.”

‘In this book, you will meet six strong, determined, independent women of America’s Revolutionary period—among them an extraordinary schoolteacher; an enslaved woman who went to court and won her freedom; a clever mother who took on six Redcoats on her own; an Oneida maiden who braved a blizzard to save Washington’s troops at Valley Forge; a sixteen-year-old girl trapped in a fort under siege; and even a president’s wife, hauling important documents from the burning White House—all of whom found their WOW factors within a few years of each other!

‘Who knows? As you explore their stories, you might just discover your own WOW factor!’

About the Author

Heidi Hartwiger is a freelance writer, a storyteller, and a writing instructor for Christopher Newport University’s LifeLong Learning Program. She has written three nonfiction books, two novels, a children’s activity book, and numerous parenting articles. Her writing is archived in the Appalachian Collection at Radford University.

Heidi has four adult children and seven grandchildren, who love to visit her at home in Yorktown, VA, where she lives with her husband and a shy rescue cat named BooBoo. Her goal is to make the world a better place, one reader at a time.

Visit to learn more about Heidi and her work!

Interviews available upon request.

Brandylane Publishers, Inc. is an independent press located in Richmond, Virginia, that has published books since 1985.


‘Six Revolutionary WOW Factor Women’ (paperback, 72 pages, $13.95) is available for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine booksellers. Kindle e-book (retail $8.99) forthcoming.

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