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‘Troubles and Doubles and Reflections Askew’ Teaches Kids How to Silence Their Overbearing Inner Critics

‘Troubles and Doubles and Reflections Askew’ Teaches Kids How to Silence Their Overbearing Inner Critics

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written by Dr. Drew Palacio; illustrated by Apolline Etienne; on sale September 29, 2023

Dr. Drew’s whimsical writing style has yet again made a difficult topic—negative self-talk and intrusive thoughts—easy and entertaining for young minds to comprehend.”

— Elaine Vaughn, MS, LMHC

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2023 / — Belle Isle Books of Richmond, Virginia, is pleased to announce the release of a new children’s picture book, ‘Troubles and Doubles and Reflections Askew,’ written by Dr. Drew Palacio and illustrated by Apolline Etienne.

What can you do when you’re filled up with doubt? One Emily Soo is about to find out! Young Emily Soo wants to put her best foot forward at the party she’s about to attend—and that means choosing a great outfit. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to find anything she likes—and her insecurity is so powerful, it turns her reflection in the mirror into a second Emily Soo, whose jabs and barbs only intensify her lack of self-confidence. Can a pair of mysterious figures Emily meets in her dreams that night help her recognize her misbehaving reflection for what it is and quash her double, once and for all?

Filled with colorful illustration and a playful rhyme scheme designed to capture children’s attention while helping them recognize their self-defeating thoughts and develop a strong, positive, self-affirming inner voice, ‘Troubles and Doubles and Reflections Askew’ was released September 29, 2023.

‘After struggling to find the perfect outfit, Emily Soo dances the night away at a fun party. But when she gets home, her inner voice Emily Two tries to put a damper on her evening. Confronting our thoughts, fully facing tough emotions, and affirming ourselves can be difficult.

‘Can Emily Soo find it within herself to squash her Worry and Woe?’

About the Author

Dr. Drew Palacio grew up in Mendocino County, California. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and currently practices in Kansas. Dr. Drew practices a variety of evidence-based treatments (child-centered play therapy, parent management training, parent-child interaction therapy, and child-centered cognitive therapy for anger and aggression) for a wide range of child diagnoses, developing curative pathways that are both flexible and systemic and soliciting the the partnership and efforts of family, school, and community.

To maintain his childlike wonder, Dr. Drew regularly immerses himself in comic books, video games, anime, and toys. His pocket-sized notepad is always near and ready when inspiration for a new tale arises. Colleagues have remarked on his ever-imaginative mind, and children delight in Dr. Drew’s assortment of bow ties. Through his collection of brightly illustrated stories, along with qualifications derived from more than ten years of providing compassionate care and therapeutic interventions to children and families, Dr. Drew is eager to help as many households as he can.

About the Illustrator

Apolline Etienne is a French illustrator who specializes in tabletop and children’s book art. She studied animation at the Brussels School of Art, and has been a full-time illustrator since 2016. When she isn’t busy illustrating, she enjoys traveling and creating stories of her own. Based in the Loire-Atlantique region of France, she can often be found with her friends in the many tabletop bars and cafes of Nantes.

Interviews available upon request.

Belle Isle Books, an imprint of Brandylane Publishers, Inc., is an independent press located in Richmond, Virginia that has published books since 1985.


‘Troubles and Doubles and Reflections Askew: The Curious Case of the Two Emily Soos’ (hardcover, 36 pages, $26.95 / paperback, 36 pages, $15.95) is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine booksellers.

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