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Vegas Movie Awards Gala: Where Art Defies Strikes and Talent Shines

Vegas Movie Awards Gala: Where Art Defies Strikes and Talent Shines

Vegas Movie Awards Annual Gala

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/ — Amidst the fervent discussions surrounding the ongoing strikes initiated by SAG-AFTRA and WGA, Vegas Movie Awards emerges as a beacon of hope and consistent support for the entertainment industry. Vegas Movie Awards proudly announces its unique and prestigious two-day event on September 29th and 30th, 2023, set to captivate audiences in Las Vegas and beyond.

With unwavering dedication to the cause of creating better conditions for alumni filmmakers to grow and receive the recognition they deserve, Vegas Movie Awards, a member of the prestigious Film Festival Alliance, takes a bold stance: “You can’t hold a good thing down.” In the face of adversity, the festival remains resolute in its mission to spotlight emerging talents and push against the norm for the arts and the families it touches.

“We fully support the important messages and demands put forth by SAG-AFTRA and WGA in their strikes,” says Sergio Barbasso, President and Festival Director of Vegas Movie Awards. “However, we firmly believe that the hardworking talent in the industry deserves their moment to shine, irrespective of external circumstances. This event in the heart of Las Vegas is a testament to their resilience and a celebration of their relentless commitment to their craft. I want to sincerely thank our sponsors, Bandero Premium Tequila, Lions Club International LV Host, and EarthxTv, as well as all those human beings with hearts of gold who are making this prestigious gala possible.”

Vegas Movie Awards has consistently played a pivotal role in fostering emerging talent and nurturing their artistic growth, especially during the pandemic where the vast majority of film festivals were put to a halt. For years, it has been a platform where filmmakers can showcase their creativity, gain recognition, and network with industry insiders. This year’s event promises to be no different, offering an extraordinary opportunity for filmmakers to have their voices heard.

Key Highlights of the Vegas Movie Awards 2-Day Event Presented by Bandero Premium Tequila:

1. Spotlight on Emerging Talent: Vegas Movie Awards remains committed to celebrating the most promising talents in the film industry. The festival provides a stage for alumni filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with industry leaders.

2. Provocative and Respectful Approach: Vegas Movie Awards strikes a balance between being provocative in its message and maintaining utmost respect for the ongoing industry strikes. The event serves as a reminder that art and creativity cannot be silenced, even in challenging times.

3. Engaging Panels: Attendees can look forward to inspirational panel discussions aimed at inspiring filmmakers’ challenging journeys and make them proud of their tough choices.

As Vegas Movie Awards readies itself to light up the Las Vegas entertainment scene, it calls on media outlets and supporters to join in celebrating the indomitable spirit of artists and filmmakers. Together, we can emphasize the importance of recognizing and supporting the hardworking talents who contribute to the world of cinema.

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About Vegas Movie Awards:

Vegas Movie Awards is a highly acclaimed international film festival dedicated to celebrating excellence. For years, it has been advocating to make indie cinema a better place for filmmakers and to present Las Vegas as a present and future center for global filmmaking. As part of a larger social project through the 501(c)(3) Fromtheart Foundation, the festival nurtures and educates its participants, providing them with an enviable international stage to showcase their work. Additionally, Vegas Movie Awards utilizes art and talent to bring hope and a sense of community to those who need to fulfill basic needs such as food and shelter.

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