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Veteran Actor Patrick Kilpatrick Advocates for Fair Treatment of SAG-AFTRA Members

Veteran Actor Patrick Kilpatrick Advocates for Fair Treatment of SAG-AFTRA Members

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, August 8, 2023/ — Actor Patrick Kilpatrick has raised concerns about the treatment of SAG-AFTRA members, particularly those aged 65 and older, who had their medical coverage revoked without prior consultation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“SAG-AFTRA’s actions amount to age discrimination and elder abuse,” stated Patrick Kilpatrick, a prominent actor known for a successful 35-year career spanning 200 film and TV shows, including collaborations with Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Antoine Fuqua. Kilpatrick emphasized the personal impact on thousands of SAG-AFTRA members.

Members who lost their medical coverage were forced to seek new health insurance at an age when incomes may decline, and expenses escalate. Kilpatrick expressed objections to the proposed settlement, considering it unjust and driven by greed.

Kilpatrick highlighted the severance of a long-standing agreement between all SAG members, and later all SAG-AFTRA members, which guaranteed lifetime medical insurance upon reaching the age of 65 for income-qualifying, dues-paying members with twenty years of service.

The actor expressed concerns about the settlement’s lack of adequate compensation and criticized the exclusion of residual payments from insurance eligibility. Kilpatrick also pointed out the union’s decision to limit compensation eligibility to the years 2020 and 2021, which disproportionately impacted performers with otherwise successful earnings.

Regarding the allocation of funds, Kilpatrick questioned why the settlement would enrich attorneys while leaving members with escalating health insurance bills. He called for a just settlement that taps into the available funds and compensates members appropriately.

Kilpatrick encouraged stakeholders, the media, SAG-AFTRA members, the entertainment community, and the general audience to take note of the situation and act responsibly.

The actor urged concerned individuals to express their objections in writing directly to the court by August 14th. He also suggested reaching out to the co-lead attorneys, Steven Schwartz ([email protected]) and Robert Kriner ([email protected]), as well as engaging with SAG-AFTRA to raise concerns. Most importantly, Kilpatrick invited everyone to attend the court hearing on September 11, 2023, to voice their objections and advocate for a fair resolution.

Kilpatrick is not the only actor to have criticized SAG-AFTRA’s health care policies. Shannen Doherty has spoken at great length regarding her battle with cancer and lack of support from SAG-AFTRA. They are not alone, Hollywood heavyweights including Barbra Streisand, Sharon Stone, Brian Austin Green, Alana Stewart, and more have voiced dismay at SAG-AFTRA’s neglect.

Thousands of actors are affected which could lead to significant costs over the years.

Kilpatrick emphasized the significance of addressing these issues during the ongoing Writers’ and Actors’ strikes and called for greater accountability within SAG-AFTRA leadership.

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Veteran Actor Patrick Kilpatrick Advocates for Fair Treatment of SAG-AFTRA Members

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