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Whistleblower: A Novel of Suspense and of the Unforeseeable

Whistleblower: A Novel of Suspense and of the Unforeseeable

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 / — Terry Morgan wrote stories and poetry while traveling with his own export business for 25 years to over 70 countries. He is familiar with current events and has been immersed in diverse cultures. With his personal memories and experiences, he has written several published books. One of his books, Whistleblower, revolves around the story’s key player, Jim Smith, an aged yet strong, resourceful, and intelligent man. Jim is a former politician who has fled overseas because of the threat to his life. Published by PageTurner Press and Media, this story is, without a doubt, a thriller that you should add to your reading list.

“The living are barely understood either because no one thinks deeply enough about life’s origins or its destiny. Life to me is a mere function of matter, but that does not mean it is to be dismissed as irrelevance,” as quoted from the book Whistleblower, written by Terry Morgan.

People possess varying perspectives on life, but despite these differences, it remains critical to establish personal beliefs. In the absence of struggle, a story of suspense would be mundane, building up more depth and balance and giving a degree of suspicion. With imaginative writing, the story’s sequence constructs multiple plots that intersect with each other, led by the story’s characters and their actions, creating tension and a scheme to the story’s plot. Above and beyond a dynamic story that gives a powerful message, Whistleblower may prove to be a surprising book for its readers.

A review from the online editorial reviewer Reader’s Favorite states, “Whistleblower by Terry Morgan is a spellbinding thriller with a memorable protagonist and a cast of strong characters.” Central to the plot, a chain of events will lead Jim, together with an English businessman, Jonathan Walton, a Dutch “spy,” and Jan Kerkman, an ex-Irish newspaper reporter, in a treacherous and desperate movement on his campaign to end corruption. Whistleblower is written remarkably, adding more angles of present-day relevance that will surely connect to its readers. This book will surely get its readers to contemplate, to question, and, more importantly, to learn.

An Amazon reviewer comments, “As someone who prefers protagonists on the correct moral side of the spectrum, it made the book that much more enjoyable.” This review invites readers to have a better understanding of themselves, their connection to others, and their relationship to the world.

As readers, we can also witness our greatest turning point in character development from major life events; the characters of Whistleblower are no different. Terry Morgan has several published fiction books. Vendetta, Bad Boys, and An Old Spy are the titles that he’s published under the banner of PageTurner Press and Media. Whistleblower is available in paperback and e-book formats at and other online book retailers.

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