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Author Bruce Brilliantine’s New Book ‘The Trail of the Wolf’ is a Psychological Thriller Full of Action and Adventure That Portrays a Fight Against Evil

Author Bruce Brilliantine’s New Book ‘The Trail of the Wolf’ is a Psychological Thriller Full of Action and Adventure That Portrays a Fight Against Evil

Recent release "The Trail of the Wolf" from Newman Springs Publishing author Bruce Brilliantine is a suspenseful story with a twist that follows the journey of the hero Dr. Jordan Blaine as he attempts to rid the world of a dangerous werewolf. The author, Bruce Brilliantine, has done an excellent job of describing what can happen when you are pulled away from your primary purpose in life, into an in-the-moment quest that demands your attention.

Chesterfield, NJ - November 14, 2022 - (

Bruce Brilliantine has completed his new book "The Trail of the Wolf": a gripping and provocative tale that can be compared to the works of Stephen King and John Steinbeck. It is powerful and poignant, not only because of the theme of the insidiousness of evil in the story but also because the author has gone to great lengths to portray this theme in a realistic manner using the venue of a killer werewolf. The plot is intricate, suspenseful, and entertaining as it pulls the reader through the main character's journey. The story, though fiction, is expressive and relates to the universal insidiousness of evil which affects our lives even today. 

The book includes much insight into the human condition. When asked of what she thought of humans the newly turned werewolf girl, June replied, "As far as humans go, you included, I think you are more wonderful and marvelous than you could ever imagine. You have no idea who you are. You think it relates somehow to your job, family name, your country, your wealth, your religion or anything else you deem valuable and important. The truth is that these things, either singly or altogether, with which you identify and sometimes worship, they cannot support the full weight of your soul and who you truly are. You are too marvelous for words, and yet is a population, so blind." 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Bruce Brilliantine's debut novel is a horrifying and engrossing tale of a man who is ensnared into a world he never knew existed or wanted in order to destroy a killer werewolf. He is constantly led onward by circumstances and individuals of which he has no control. He's motivated to join the chase by the welfare of his family and the horror he witnessed when he met June, a nine-year-old girl who survived the massacre of her family. The book will appeal to fans of horror, scientific investigation, thriller and suspense genres. 

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase "The Trail of the Wolf" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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