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Carol Oliver Turcotte’s New Book ‘Dark of Night’ is the Second Installment in Her Mystery Series About an FBI Agent’s Case Full of Suspense Trying to Catch the Culprit

Carol Oliver Turcotte’s New Book ‘Dark of Night’ is the Second Installment in Her Mystery Series About an FBI Agent’s Case Full of Suspense Trying to Catch the Culprit

Recent release 'Dark of Night' by Newman Springs Publishing author Carol Oliver Turcotte is an intriguing tale following the twists and turns in the case of FBI agent Trevor Marshall. He discovers why reporter Joelly Steele is there at each turn and enlists her help, but just when he thinks he is about to solve the case, she goes missing, forcing him to ask for help from his friend Hawk Logan.

PRINCETON, Ky. - September 30, 2022 - (

Carol Oliver Turcotte, a Christian fiction writer, retired teacher, and crafter who lives in Western Kentucky with her husband and their three cats—Max, Sam, and Lily—has completed her new book "Dark of Night": a gripping and potent mystery thriller about the twists and turns of the case FBI agent Trevor Marshall is assigned, where he enlists help from a reporter named Joelly Steele and then his friend, Hawk Logan.

"Trevor ran as fast as he could. Joelly Steele had been a thorn in his side for the past six months. The FBI had been tracking Serge Villanova for over a year. He was the head of a Russian spy ring operating near Fort Bragg, North Carolina, trying to steal top secret military information. The bureau had finally discovered their route along the Cape Fear River to Carolina Beach," writes author Carol Oliver Turcotte.

"Rumors had been circulating that Villanova had been killed, but the FBI didn't believe it. Two months prior, Trevor had been on the verge of proving Villanova was still alive, and he would have, except for Joelly Steele. Now, here she was again. He wasn't going to let some headstrong reporter ruin this break. He had to reach her before she made it to the boat slip and before she was spotted by anyone aboard the Scarlet Pearl."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Carol Oliver Turcotte's captivating tale follows the suspenseful case that Trevor Marshall, an FBI agent, is working on. Joelly Steele keeps getting in Trevor Marshall's way. Once he discovers why, he decides that it would be more beneficial to enlist her help on the case instead. Finally working together, they almost break the case. Everything takes a turn when Joelly ends up disappearing. Realizing he is in over his head, he requests help from his friend Hawk Logan in order to find Joelly. Once Joelly is finally found safe and sound, they believe all is well. Despite their beliefs, someone is out there hindering their progress.

Dark of Night is a suspenseful novel that explores themes such as betrayal, friendship, and love. Readers will discover whether Trevor and Joelly will eventually solve the case despite all the setbacks along the way or if they end up becoming additional victims. This novel is entertaining for anyone who loves fast-paced suspense.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase "Dark of Night" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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