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Little Orbit Charts a New Path With STFU Game

Little Orbit Charts a New Path With STFU Game

Ships that Fight Underground Will Feature Unique Web 2.5 Hybrid of Single-player, F2P, and C2E

Little Orbit Charts a New Path With STFU Game
Ships that Fight Underground

Ships that Fight Underground reimagines the classic six-degrees-of-freedom genre for a new generation using Unreal Engine

IRVINE, Calif. - August 17, 2022 - (

Little Orbit Inc., the publisher of APB Reloaded and Fallen Earth, has been quiet for the last couple of years, but it now looks like big things are in the works as they finalize the release schedule for their 6DOF shooter Ships That Fight Underground - better known as STFU.

Originally launched on Kickstarter in 2015, the game promises to re-imagine the six-degrees-of-freedom genre made popular by Interplay's Descent back in the mid-1990s with the following features:

  • Experience six-degrees-of-freedom in the stunning Unreal Engine
  • Explore twisting mazes and cavernous maps by moving, hiding, and attacking in every direction.
  • Choose from five classes across an initial line-up of 20 ships and kit them out with nose, wing, and skins.
  • Play multiple pulse-pounding PVP modes in over 30 different multiplayer maps.
  • Join forces with friends in co-op Asteroid Runs to defeat player-generated levels.
  • Harvest resources from around the asteroid belt to craft modifications and upgrade ships.
  • Dive into an immersive single-player campaign featuring puzzles, side-quests, special rewards and epic boss battles.

Recently, Little Orbit released a series of Medium articles explaining their Web 2.5 approach to the game, which will have two independent but connected ecosystems that allow players Free-to-play access or Create-to-earn. 

Matt Scott, Little Orbit's CEO, says the initial Beta release date is planned for the end of 2022, and part of that rollout will embrace Little Orbit's Web 2.5 strategy. "Our design supports both a traditional game economy and a blockchain create-to-earn economy. No NFT gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors. This is a real game with full shooter mechanics that also focuses on user-generated content (UGC). This game has been in development since 2013. The primary development is done, but I feel it is important that we meet the ever-evolving needs of modern-day players, including rewarding them for their creations that get used in-game. In addition to the level design tools, we are just taking the proper time to finish off the last of some big-ticket features like multiplayer co-op that we spent years talking about."

So far any level of blockchain integration in games has been met with controversy lately. Little Orbit's initial announcement was been met with some confusion and skepticism by players, especially the original backers from Kickstarter and Early Access Steam. 

Scott sends them a direct message. "You're going to get the game you paid for. Pure and simple. Most importantly, no one will have to engage with Blockchain mechanics if they don't want to. Neither F2P nor C2E will have an advantage over the other. The ships are functionally identical. They just represent different ways to interact in our ecosystem."

The project website is now live at

For fans of Blockchain, the project's whitepaper can be found here:

In the coming weeks, Little Orbit will open developer access to their community along with a detailed roadmap for releasing the initial version of the game.

Little Orbit is partnered with 100 Days Ventures, a Web 3.0 company focused on aiding companies with their transition from the traditional markets over to the blockchain world. 100 Days Ventures will be launching their cutting-edge NFT marketplace the first week of September. STFU's Pilot Licenses will be the first to release using this product on Sept. 9.

To sign up for more information, please visit the project website at

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