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Live Music Startup, Venu, Supports Musicians Impacted by Hurricane Ian

Live Music Startup, Venu, Supports Musicians Impacted by Hurricane Ian

Live Music Startup, Venu, Supports Musicians Impacted by Hurricane Ian
Venue Hurricane Ian GoFundMe Fundraiser

Live music startup, Venu supports musicians impacted by Hurricane Ian through GoFundMe fundraiser and app initiative.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - October 25, 2022 - (

In response to Hurricane Ian's devastating impact on live music venues, event spaces, and musicians in Southwest Florida, Venu launched an initiative to leverage its platform to support those affected. Founded in 2022, the company offers live music booking technology to help make discovering and booking musicians easier than ever.

Parker Rex, CEO & Co-Founder at Venu, and Jake Nicholas, VP of Operations at Venu, who both reside in West Palm Beach, felt compelled to take action after learning about Hurricane Ian's effects on Southwest Florida musicians. Southwest Florida's entertainment scene estimates that hundreds of musicians were affected by the storm and have experienced devastating financial loss. Southwest Florida musicians and venues expect the recovery of the local music scene will take years. In its startup phase, the Venu app initially launched with a handful of musicians but has worked rapidly to add dozens more musicians directly impacted by the hurricane.

"Our hearts are out to everyone affected by Hurricane Ian. We want to ensure Southwest Florida's entertainment economy continues to thrive and flourish, so we have begun working on adding more Southwest Florida musicians to our platform and have launched a GoFundMe to help provide aid to those directly affected. We are also encouraging venues on the East coast of Florida to book these artists directly impacted," commented Jake Nicholas, VP of Operations at Venu.

The startup's initiative to provide financial relief to Southwest Florida's entertainment economy includes launching a GoFundMe, where 100% of proceeds will support musicians affected by Hurricane Ian, and adding Southwest Florida musicians impacted by the hurricane to its platform.

As Venu becomes aware of more musicians affected by Hurricane Ian and requiring financial relief, the app will continue to add the artists to its platform. Currently, the app has reached out to the following artists affected by the storm: Nostaljah, West Wave Band, Seranation Music, Anthony Marra, Sarah Hadeka, Sheena Brook, Florida Keys Duo, Briz & Lady, Steve Farst, David Rojas, and Steve McDougall.

Hurricane Ian impacts have resulted in severe financial burdens on live musicians and venues. Southwest Florida band Nostaljah informed Venu that a band member's roof was completely destroyed, leaving the band member facing a $20,000 repair in addition to other costs in reconstructing their home. "As a band, we have lost several stable gigs in light of Hurricane Ian's destruction of venues in our surrounding area. This loss is in addition to the personal effects we have experienced. We are extremely appreciative of anyone's support and generosity in helping us move forward through a difficult situation," commented Nickardo Salmon, bass guitarist and vocalist of Nostaljah.

To join Venu in supporting musicians affected by Hurricane Ian, please donate to Venu's GoFundMe or book artists through the Venu app.

Venu. Venu, found on the Apple and Google Play Store, is a live music booking technology company that makes discovering and booking musicians easier than ever. The company brings tech efficiency, operational excellence, and better incentives for everyone involved in the music booking process. Venu allows restaurants and bars to cut the costs of booking artists through agents and directly book artists for their base cost. Founded in 2022 by two South Florida entrepreneurs, the company hopes to revitalize and amplify the live music scene in South Florida, as well as nationally, and internationally. As the technology app expands, Venu aims to enable users to book any music artist at any part, event or venue. Aligned with the company's mission to support live music, Venu looks for ways to give back and uplift musicians. For more information, please visit: 

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