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MBLM Shares New Data on Building Intimacy

MBLM Shares New Data on Building Intimacy

Uncovering the Emotional Connections with Brands in Our Environments

MBLM Shares New Data on Building Intimacy


MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency, is pleased to unveil its latest findings focused on understanding how we form intimate connections with brands across various environments. This in-depth study examined which brands perform better in three critical ecosystems that shape our lives today — our homes, our smartphones, and what we wear, apply, and ingest into our bodies.

Utilizing our proven methodology featuring AI and an extensive dataset comprising over 600 brands and 1.4 billion words, MBLM delved into these three distinct ecosystems to uncover valuable insights into the science of the brands we bond most with and why.

Key Findings

  • Brands On Our Body: The research revealed that consumers form the strongest emotional connections with brands they ingest, followed by brands they wear and, lastly, brands they apply to their bodies.
  • Brands On Our Smartphone: Within the realm of smartphones, we found that consumers feel most intimate with the brands of the physical device itself, followed by content providers, access brands, and apps.
  • Brands In Our Homes: When it comes to our living spaces, the office ranked as the most intimate room in the house, with the garage and living room following closely. The bathroom ranked fourth, whereas the kitchen and bedroom ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.

"Beyond our Brand Intimacy rankings, we are excited to share how the environments we live in and use intersect with the brands we love," stated Mario Natarelli, Managing Partner at MBLM. "For established brands, this provides a road map of potential areas of opportunities and pitfalls to avoid. For new brands, we are excited by the blueprint for potential success through a deeper understanding of the character and intensity behind the brands we bond with."

To view the findings, read our latest article, or watch our Ecosystems Video Highlights, click this link.

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For a detailed overview of the study's methodology, please click here.

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