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MegaChess Announces the Creation of the Perfect Chess Set

MegaChess Announces the Creation of the Perfect Chess Set

Partnering with Chess Master Nelson Lopez, MegaChess created the best chess set for learning and mastering the game.

MegaChess Announces the Creation of the Perfect Chess Set
The Perfect Chess Set

This tournament-style chess set was designed by MegaeChess, the world's largest supplier of Giant Chess Sets. There will be three variations of this tournament set including 4.25-inch, 3.75-inch, and 8-inch tall sets.

MegaChess, the world's largest supplier of Giant Chess Sets, is pleased to announce the creation of the Perfect Chess Set. This tournament-style set was designed as a learning and training tool to help chess players at all levels develop their skills and master the game of chess.

To help achieve its goal of creating the ideal tournament chess set with training, MegaChess collaborated with Chess Vibes Academy's Nelson Lopez, a Chess Master with over 30 years of playing experience. Lopez shares his Master-level knowledge and skills in a series of easy-to-follow and friendly lessons.

The training program includes a skills assessment and Blueprint tool with a four-hour training class designed to teach introductory skills. The Perfect Chess Set comes with advanced training videos to enhance intermediate and advanced chess skills. Discounted training courses are also available. 

MegaChess produces three variations of this tournament chess set:

  • Perfect Chess Set - 4.25" tall
  • Perfect Chess Set - 3.75" tall
  • Perfect Chess and Checkers Set - 8" tall

The Perfect Chess Set also includes a Chess Skills Blueprint that helps players assess their current skill set, guiding them in the precise order of new skills to learn on their journey to becoming the next Chess Master. The four hours of instruction identify more than 230 chess skills and provide the tools to help the player acquire those skills. 

Players begin with the basics and rules of chess before moving on to other chess concepts and principles, including terminology, notation and mistakes to avoid. Instruction then moves into advanced strategies and tips, revealing how to win in four moves. 

MegaChess is an online retail store that manufactures and distributes Giant Chess Sets, Giant Checkers and other outdoor games. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, MegaChess is a family business that offers the world's largest collection of giant chess sets. The store features over 50 chess sets constructed of 20 different materials, ranging in size from seven inches to six feet tall. MegaChess is fully committed to a full-service experience, providing instructional videos, such as How to Set Up Your Chess Pieces, and informational articles on topics like the Benefits of Playing Chess.

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