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nerdytec Launches Precision-Engineered CYKEY Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

nerdytec Launches Precision-Engineered CYKEY Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

The CYKEY is nerdytec’s first standalone keyboard featuring the company’s signature sophisticated design and customizable RGB lighting, control knobs, Light-Through-Keycaps, and more.

nerdytec, a leading gaming hardware company, today announces the launch of their CYKEY, an RGB mechanical keyboard that lets users tailor control features to suit their specific gaming style. The company aims to meet gamers’ needs by delivering comfort, appealing design, and high performance in one keyboard.

The CYKEY features high-quality craftsmanship and a stylish design to immerse users in the gaming world. Compact and space efficient, the keyboard’s 75% design fits on any size desk or perfectly on nerdytec’s Couchmaster. Its RGB lights include over 20 pre-installed lighting modes that shine through keycaps, giving gamers the freedom to customize their color setup and enjoy a futuristic aesthetic.

The keyboard is also hot-swappable (users can swap switches without soldering on the keyboard) with the newest Gateron’s G Pro 3.0 Yellow switches, which offer unmatched responsiveness and precision with every keystroke. These switches allow users to mix and match nerdytec’s keycaps with new ones without altering the keyboard’s integrity. 

The CYKEY also incorporates exclusive features: two control knobs, which gamers can position in any of four slots, pre-set for brightness, volume, zoom, or desktop switching. Many more shortcut keys can be programmed thanks to the keyboard’s built-in Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) chip, which uses VIA to customize functionalities, RGB colors, and other effects—users only have to initialize the keyboard with VIA to seamlessly switch between PC and Mac. 

“We had thought of designing a keyboard for gamers to unleash their full potential by giving them control of every aspect, from its style to its performance. So, we unleashed the machine—the CYKEY. Gateron’s latest generation switches let users benefit from precise strokes when gaming,” said nerdytec CTO and Lead Product Developer Roman Jean Charles Jakob. nerdytec CEO Chris Mut added, "Our vision is to expand the nerdytec product range and become the favorite brand of all enthusiasts who value innovation, quality, and a unique user experience. The Couchmaster products and the CYKEY are just the beginning, that’s for sure.” 

The CYKEY will be available in mid-November but can be pre-ordered starting October 19 at or Amazon with a recommended retail price of 129 euros. Prices on Amazon may vary.

About nerdytec

nerdytec is a gaming hardware company born from the passion for gaming of its two founders, Chris Mut and Roman Jakob. The company offers a range of premium gaming lap desks with appealing designs and practical features that enable users to play or work from the comfort of their couch with an ergonomic posture. nerdytec also offers gadgets and accessories for a better gaming experience. With the introduction of the CYKEY, a mechanical keyboard with open-source firmware, nerdytec further consolidates its position as a relevant manufacturer of gaming peripherals. The company’s mission remains unchanged: to reshape the gaming landscape through groundbreaking products. 

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