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NT CONNECT Launches News Aggregator App to Help Users Recognize Media Bias

NT CONNECT Launches News Aggregator App to Help Users Recognize Media Bias

The NOOZ.AI™ app harnesses language analysis to weed out bias from global news stories.

NT CONNECT Launches News Aggregator App to Help Users Recognize Media Bias

Wise Up to Media Bias

MIAMI - October 5, 2022 - (

 NT CONNECT, an international technology developer, announces the launch of its news aggregator application, NOOZ.AI™, which features an AI-powered language analysis engine whose purpose is to bring transparency to the polarizing bias found in today's news media.

This service aims to keep readers mindful of the news media's influence before reading an article. Authors or journalists tend to lean toward a particular bias—often without the reader's knowledge. By knowing the author and news source's historical bias, consumers can examine the article with a more objective mind and resist being manipulated to think in a certain way about any particular subject.

NOOZ.AI™ is comprised of four key pillars. It conducts opinion analysis that helps readers determine the presence of personal feelings, views, beliefs, or judgments in a journalist's writing. Second, it provides sentiment analysis to help readers gauge the journalist's positivity (sympathy or support) or negativity (antagonism and opposition) to the general news content or the specific topic they write about. Third, it generates propaganda analysis, which detects potential disinformation by identifying the usage of up to 18 possible persuasion techniques. The final element of NOOZ.AI™ involves revision analysis so that readers can investigate the evolution of a news story and its manipulation of opinion and sentiment over time.

The NOOZ.AI™ application is currently available for free on iOS and Android devices. As users browse through the listings of news stories, they will see the "NOOZ.AI™" scores for each article. Opinion scores range from 0 to 100 while Sentiment scores range from -100 to 100. Additionally, NOOZ.AI™ tracks all text edits for each revision and provides the reader with a running count and the ability to compare different versions.

In the US, 58% of adults say they have at least some trust in information that comes from news organizations. Even though this is still a majority, it is the smallest percentage share over the past five years from Pew Research surveys into media bias. NOOZ.AI™ harnesses this growing sentiment of healthy skepticism towards the media.  

"Biased reporting is a major concern in today's society. Misinformation is the most commonly (mis)used buzzword. But the reality is that language itself can be used to manipulate and persuade the casual reader.  By objectively analyzing language, we avoid the subjective bias found in other approaches. As opposed to subjectively labeling misinformation, our approach is to illuminate how one can be manipulated with exaggerated headlines, revision history, and text of articles." said Garry Paxinos, CTO at NT CONNECT.

About NOOZ.AI™ 

NOOZ.AI™ is a company on a mission to improve the news media industry by using artificial intelligence that provides insight into different types of bias found in news articles to make readers harder to influence and control. Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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