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Paranormal Movie ‘Half Dead Fred’ to Premiere in Flint, Michigan

Paranormal Movie ‘Half Dead Fred’ to Premiere in Flint, Michigan

Poster for Half Dead Fred

Half Dead Fred promotional image

From the set of Half Dead Fred

From the set of Half Dead Fred

“Every House has a History”

Blending film noir, mystery, and horror elements, ‘Half Dead Fred’ will have a red carpet premiere at the Capitol Theater on August 7th

FLINT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 / — ‘Half Dead Fred’ – the upcoming horror feature film from White Ninja Productions and writer and director Bron Theron – will premiere on August 7th, 2022 at the Capitol Theater in Flint, Michigan, where the project was filmed.

The world premiere is a red carpet event that will see the cast, crew, and production team return to the city where they created ‘Half Dead Fred’. The film’s leading actor Corin Nemec will also appear alongside other cast and crew members for a panel event at Flint’s Really Cool Comic Con on August 6th.

The film’s titular character Freddy Nash, played by Nemec, is a “medium detective” who somehow gained the ability to see the dead following a fatal car accident that Freddy mysteriously returned to life from, but took the life of his 9 year old son. The story of ‘Half Dead Fred’ sees the detective and his assistant called from Los Angeles to Flint to investigate a murder only they can solve, and become entangled in a quest for treasure in the process.

“It’s got a really cool film noir feel to it, and Flint has some incredible signature architectural motifs that fit with an older town and bring out the gothic elements in the story we are telling,” commented Nemec.

‘Half Dead Fred’ writer and director, Bron Theron, lives in Long Beach, California but has spent a lot of time in Flint due to his involvement with the town’s Public Art Project. He was inspired to create ‘Half Dead Fred’ after reading his friend Joe Schipani’s book ‘Haunted Flint’, planting the seed of a horror movie set in the town. Not only does the movie lift directly from the book at one point, but Schipani’s own house became the location for the story’s most crucial setting, referenced in the film’s tagline: “Every house has a history”.

“For me, location is probably the second most important factor aside from the story itself,” said Theron. “Filming in Flint really set the tone for the whole project and the local community was very supportive. The people of Flint really came out for us and I hope they will enjoy the finished product.”

On working with leading actor Corin Nemec, Theron added, “Corin is an actor who I’ve been friends with for a while but admired for a long time. He does a phenomenal job portraying the complex Freddy Nash and I am so proud to work with him.”

To learn more about the movie’s premiere, or to purchase tickets, click here.

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