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Podcast Listener Growth Spurs Multilingual Content by Evergreen Podcasts

Podcast Listener Growth Spurs Multilingual Content by Evergreen Podcasts

One of Evergreen Podcasts' top 20 shows will be available in four languages in addition to English, including French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Podcast Listener Growth Spurs Multilingual Content by Evergreen Podcasts
Evergreen Podcasts' Chad and Cheese Expand to International Reach

CLEVELAND - October 12, 2022 - (

Evergreen Podcasts, an Ohio-based podcast production company, is expanding into foreign language-based podcasts. The move is aligned with podcast listener growth, spurring multilingual content (Insider Intelligence, 2022). As a result, the podcast industry is growing a robust portfolio of non-English podcasts, and Evergreen Podcasts is partnering with one of its top shows - The Chad & Cheese Podcast, a popular HR focused-podcast - to launch a series of multilingual content. 

The show will soon be available in four languages in addition to English including French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. The launch in French debuted on Oct. 10 to coincide with the Unleash World 2022, taking place in Paris, France Oct. 12-13, 2022.

"The issues we discuss on the show around recruitment and work are truly global," said Chad Sowash, co-host of The Chad & Cheese Podcast and a former U.S. Army Infantry Drill Sergeant who began in online recruiting with Online Career Center before acquired the company. "So it makes perfect sense that we should start providing our content in a variety of languages."

Joel Cheesman, a recruiting industry veteran with 25 years of experience, has co-hosted The Chad & Cheese Podcast with Sowash since 2017. Cheesman adds, "The pandemic and the subsequent trend toward a work-from-home world means recruiting and workforce issues have truly gone global. Publishing our podcast in multiple languages to support a more globalized workforce just makes sense."

The Chad and Cheese Podcast is working with Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, which includes a multilingual custom AI voice solution and podcast monetization service combining synthetic voice creation and AI translation service. By leveraging Veritone's award-winning technology of Veritone Voice, podcast hosts are able to transcribe and translate podcast episodes into the desired language output and apply the host's multilingual synthetic voice model to localize podcasts and grow ad revenues and audiences. Veritone Voice enables podcast networks to expand into foreign language and international markets in an authentic way while maintaining podcast hosts' established voice identities.

The Chad and Cheese Podcast centers around talent acquisition issues and is lovingly dubbed in industry circles as "HR's most dangerous podcast." The show has netted 230,000 podcast downloads year to date and is listed as one of Evergreen Podcast's top 20 shows within its growing network. 

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