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Rachael Sage Releases Unforgettable Video for Heartfelt Song ‘No Regrets’

Rachael Sage Releases Unforgettable Video for Heartfelt Song ‘No Regrets’

Alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has released a heartfelt new video for "No Regrets" from her new album, The Other Side (out via MPress Records). The video premiered in M Music & Musicians (US) and Music-News (UK). Inspired by a poem written by her Dad, who Sage credits for her love of music and joie de vivre, Sage collaborated with her father to write the ultimate homage to simple gratitude. As intimate as it is universal, "No Regrets" gives thanks for the many little things that define life in all of its beautiful and aching joy, featuring Jack Petruzzelli on guitar (Rufus Wainwright) and Russ Johnson on trumpet (Elvis Costello).

Watch the video for "No Regrets" HERE.

Directed by Nick Clark and filmed by Mike Flanagan, the video captures the bond between Rachael and her Dad as they enjoy the small things that make a life - strolling through Central Park, journaling together, savoring a cold drink, and simply reveling in a loved one's company. Sage illustrates this in the lyrics: I love life - no take-backs/Ping-pong tables knowing all the facts/College buddies drinking ice cream floats/Coal Miner's Daughter and The Rolling Stones. Familiar scenes of NYC's skyline are the background to this simple story of an exuberant, ping-pong-filled, and happy day in the life of a father and daughter (both of whom are in cancer remission), sharing their passion for life and creativity.

Sage discusses the song, saying: "No Regrets is the first song I've ever written based on someone else's poem, and that someone happened to be my wonderful Dad. He had written a few poetic lines on a little notepad while he was recovering from lymphoma, and they were so touching to me that I didn't ask for permission - I just started immediately setting them to music. Thankfully his health returned fully within some months, and due in large part to music. I asked him what other things he'd like me to include in the song that inspired him the most, and the list was much longer than I could ever incorporate, but ultimately he was very pleased I focused on his friendships, his affection for ping-pong and Loretta Lynn - and his strong penchant for rhyming!"

Sage's latest studio album is the most grounded of her illustrious career. The Other Side's 15 tracks of emotionally charged and intricately woven music recall the classic, retro-warmth of the '70s and '80s, and are as instantly hummable as they are lyrically poignant. With memorable Americana-infused pop hooks and folk-fueled poeticism, Sage's timeless writing reminds us what's most important is always worth waiting for, via songs steeped in just the right amount of best-is-yet-to-come optimism.

The digital album, vinyl and deluxe physical CD - featuring 12 paintings by Sage, photographs by renowned Studio 54 photographer Bill Bernstein, along with a Bonus Disc of alternate mixes - can be streamed/ordered at:

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