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The Mama Bear Effect Nonprofit Denounces Conspiracy Claims Regarding ‘Sound of Freedom’ Film

The Mama Bear Effect Nonprofit Denounces Conspiracy Claims Regarding ‘Sound of Freedom’ Film

Misrepresentation of "Sound of Freedom" film as conspiracy takes away focus on the real-life experience of children trafficked every day.

"Sound of Freedom" is an inspiring film about the fight against human trafficking. Despite some media outlets like Rolling Stone criticizing it, the movie shines a light on a subset of real-life traffickers and abusers that target innocent children. The powerful impact of this film is not about the "hero" who rescues these children, but the characterization of the pain, fear, sadness, and trauma for the children and their families. 

It is not unknown that predators travel to countries like the Philippines and Thailand to sexually abuse children. In third-world countries where poverty increases vulnerability for children, sexual exploitation and kidnapping is not conspiracy, but reality. In 2005, after a tsunami, an international effort was mobilized to protect orphans from being targeted by traffickers and pedophiles. To suggest that it is beyond the realm of belief that these crimes occur is to deny the very reality that is playing out on a daily basis. 

Adrianne Simeone, founder and president of The Mama Bear Effect, a nonprofit organization educating the public on the issues of child sexual abuse, had this to share:

"Sound of Freedom is a raw movie that takes a hard look at the heartbreaking issue of child sexual abuse and child trafficking. It demands attention to the fact childhood is being exploited throughout our world, and that we must do our part as a society to protect children and break free from blindly seeing victims as statistics."

Child sexual abuse and trafficking is not an issue that can be broken down in one film; we need to shed more light on this very dark and insidious issue. Just this past June, it was exposed again how platforms, like Instagram, are being used as networking sites for predators. This is not new information, yet society continues to respond with shock but not sufficient action. 

When Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years for trafficking vulnerable teen girls in New York, Mexico, Florida, and the Virgin Islands, with deceased partner Jeffery Epstein, not one other accomplice was named; it is the opinion of The Mama Bear Effect, these abusers are potentially being shielded by the very authorities we hold responsible to bring such criminals to justice. 

Patrice Griffin of the nonprofit organization Patrice's Kids and author of "The Unconscious Community," stands in support with The Mama Bear Effect: "As a survivor of child sexual abuse and trafficking, I have to carry this pain with me for the rest of my life. The Sound of Freedom brings the truth to light. Unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of children. We need more movies like this to bring awareness and create better laws to protect children from abuse and trafficking instead of protecting predators."

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