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Transform Your Apple TV Into a Dynamic Information Hub With 1Glance

Transform Your Apple TV Into a Dynamic Information Hub With 1Glance

1Glance, a groundbreaking app now available on iOS and tvOS, revolutionizes how you utilize your Apple TV by turning it into a fully customizable information dashboard.

1Glance allows users to seamlessly display a mix of personal images, calendars, messages, menu items, slideshows, and more on their Apple TV, enhancing both home and professional environments.

1Glance is a free iOS App that enables customers to build custom screens that can then be displayed on their Apple TV using the free companion tvOS app, with built-in templates and their own content such as photos, messages, and other media. Changes are reflected instantly on Apple TV as customers build on their iPhone or iPad.

At home, when not watching TV, display photos of friends and family, calendars, local weather & news, or personal messages for guests arriving.

In professional settings, display employee of the moment, work news, sales goals, or inspirational messages to the team.

At school, display the mascot along with school news, recent team scores, the lunch menu, or a slideshow of recent victories.

In waiting rooms, show news about the business, latest successes, photos of recent work, or even a waiting list.

In bars or restaurants, feature drinks and food specials along with prices and pictures of offerings to entice guests, or feature staff and special patrons.

At parties, customers can instantly add pictures of guests as they arrive, along with their names so everyone knows who is who. They can even keep score for “Game Night” right on Apple TV.

Airbnb hosts use 1Glance to welcome guests with a custom message, along with house rules, Wi-Fi info, emergency information, and pictures of what they can expect during their stay.

School administrators find 1Glance great for school. It can be used on any number of televisions to inform students of school announcements, team victories, lunch menus, or schedule changes. When changes are made in the app, they are instantly reflected on every TV displaying that 1Glance screen.

Barbers, dealerships, and therapists all appreciate the 1Glance waiting list feature. They can advertise their specials and feature their work, and the customers can monitor where they are in the waiting queue.

The basic version of 1Glance is free and allows for the creation of a single screen. Additional screens and features can be unlocked through in-app purchases. A television and the Apple TV hardware are required to make use of this app.

Download 1Glance today on the Apple App store at or visit the website at to see the myriad of ways 1Glance is changing the way people use their Apple TV.

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