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Visual Light, a Metaverse Gaming Company, Announces VR Management Tycoon ‘Lucky Fish Bread’

Visual Light, a Metaverse Gaming Company, Announces VR Management Tycoon ‘Lucky Fish Bread’

CYPRESS, Calif. - November 21, 2022 - (

Visual Light is a company that develops VR games. "Lucky Fish Bread" is a VR management tycoon game based on Bungeoppang, the representative winter street food of Korea. "Lucky Fish Bread" was released on Steam on Feb. 10, 2022. Try making unique fish bread using various ingredients and succeed in missions to make unique K-food using fish bread, such as hot dog fish bread, ice cream fish bread, and pizza fish bread. Wake up the fish bread fairies to learn a variety of menus, satisfy the customers, and protect the store from villains.

Game development history

Lucky Fish Bread was developed by VisualLight Co., Ltd., selected for the 2020 production support project by the Daejeon Information&Culture Industry Promotion Agency, and is also a selection work for the 2021 Busan Indie Connect Festival and 2021 Unity Award. 

In addition, Lucky Fish Bread exhibited games at various events such as the 2021 Korea Metaverse Festival, 2021 Metaverse Korea, 2021 MWC LA, 2021 Seoul VR/AR Expo, and 2021 Digital Transformation Expo Korea, and received favorable reviews. Through user feedback, Lucky Fish Bread was further upgraded and released on Meta App Lab and Steam.

Game Story

This is the story of Ho-bong Joon, a young, industrious job-seeker. After a few fruitless days searching for work, he decides to open a street food stall that sells fish bread ('Bungeoppang'). One day, while staring at the fish bread mold he's been using for cooking practice, a Lucky Fish Fairy suddenly appears. His name? "Beanie."

It turns out that Beanie and the other Lucky Fish Fairies had fallen asleep inside the Magical Fish Bread Stove. They had been waiting for a worthy Fish Bread Chef to wake them up. Beanie thanks Ho-bong for stirring him up, and makes a proposal: to be in business together... the Fish Bread business.

Ho-bong agrees to work with Beanie, making Fish Bread together in the street stall. He also agrees to wake up the rest of the Lucky Fish Fairies, who are still asleep, in order to learn their Fish Bread recipes and techniques. With the help of the Fish Bread Fairies, Ho-bong will attempt to feed his hungry and impatient customers... and outmaneuver the hooligans who loiter and cause trouble.

Will Ho-bong Joon be able to pick up the basics and become a master of Fish Bread cooking?

Key Features

Pick up and interact with all kinds of objects around the user. There is more to the game besides cooking Fish Bread. Enjoy the unique, cartoon art style, and make colorful and animated Fish Bread snacks.

Interact with cute Fish Bread Fairies. Complete the game missions and engage in funny cutscenes with the Fish Bread Fairies.

Sell Fish Bread and develop the business. Make the street stall the most popular stop downtown.

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-Manager: Hyeonseong Cho, Business Manager

-E-Mail: [email protected]

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